Home Guard, Region, Union Territory

(Act Na 14 of 1965)
26th October, 1965.
to provi,’~ for the cctnstitution of a volunteer organisation
kno~.1: as the Eome Guards for service in emergencies cnd
for c~ztainother purposes so as to inculcate habits of self-
reliancg and discipline kohgthe peopke and to dCvelop in
BE i. enacted ky ~e’gislativeAssembly of Pondicherry in
:he Sixtcj.lth Year of the Republic of India as follows :-
I. Shrttitle, errtent and commencement.-(if This Act may
Le called the Pondicherry Home Guards Act, 1985.
them a sense of ‘ci$ie k&i,%;itji~rty. , -(2) It extends to the whole of the Union territory of
(3) It shall come into force at once.

  1. Definitions.-In this Act, unless the context otherwise
    (,) “District I~lagistrate”means Di;trict Magistrate for the
    Union territcry and inclu6es Sub-Divisional Magistrates of
    Ktiraikal, B1zil.e and Ysnam i:~lkizir 1-%pectiveregions ;
    (5)”C-avcmmei?t” merns ke J-i:nini;i;;tlr aypointed
    ~nderArticle 233 of the ConsLiiution :
    (c) “9oine Guard” means a pers 11 V;~-~Jis appointed as
    such under this Act ;
    (d) “prescribed” means res scribe ti by rules made under
    this ;
    (e) “regicn” means the four regicns, Pondicherry,
    K-..r?i!ral, Make and Yanzn~canstltuti:,g the Unian territory,
    (l) “Unior; territory” meails lTr.ion territory 01
    3 Constitution of Iiome G~zardsand appointment of Com-
    mandant Genert! and CcmmmCzni.-::) The Gaverr:iiler,t shall,
    by eotification iii-the OfficialiGazette, coiistitute f~reach region
    ip which this Act has been brought into .:orce,,a volunteer body
    called the Home Guards, the members cT which shall discharge
    zuch functions a-ldduties in relzition to ti e protecti~nof persons,
    the seccrity of p~operty,the p-,lL!ie scfely and the maintenance
    ci essenitizl services ns may be assigned to thelll in accordance

(2) The administration of Home Guards constituted wder
sub-section (1) for any region shall, under the general superin-
tendence, control and direction of the District Magistrate, be
ested in th.3 Commandant, who shall be appointed by the
Government and in any such additional, Deputy or Assistant
Commandant; as the Government may deem fit to appoint.
(3) The general supervision and control of Home Guards
throughout the Union territory shall, under the general
superintende::ce, control and direction of the District Magistrate,
t:e vested in :he Commandsnt General who shall be appointed
by the Gove nment ard in any such additional Commandants
General, Div ;ional Co!;imandants General or Assistant Com-
mandants Ge::eral as the Government may deem fit to appoint.
(4) The Home Guards constituted for different regions ir:
the Union teyritory, shall, for the purpose of this Act, be a
s:ngle force a ld the members thereof shall be formally enrolled,
and such forc 2 shall consist of such number of officers and men,
end their qu lificaticns and conditions of training and service
shall be such as may be prescribed.

  1. Appirmeat of Home Guards and forms of declaration
    and certifientc ef appointment as sucb-(1) Subject to the
    approval of t’le Commandant General, the Commandant may
    appoint as Heme Guards such number of persons who are lit
    and willing to serve as may, from time to time, be determined
    by the Government and may appoint any such person to any
    office of com:and in the Home Guards.
    (2) Notvi ithstanding anythirg contained in sub-section (1)
    the CornrnanCint General may appoint any such perscn to any
    post under his immediate control.

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