Stamp Duty, Treasury, Stamp Duty on Documents

to amend Deliberation of “Conseil Geaeral” dated
24th December, 19t0 – approved by the Decret datdWIlEREAS it is considered expedient to vest the
Goveri~mentwith powers to exempt the levy of Stamp Duty
in deserving cases.
BE it enacted by the Legislathe Assembly in the Fourteenth
Year of the Republic of India as follows :-
I. Short title and commencement.-(1) This Act may be
called the Pondicherry Stamp Duty (Amendment) Act, 1964.
(2) It shall come into force at once.

  1. Amendment of Article 13.-After Article 15 of the Deii-
    beration of “Conseil General” dated 24th -~ecember;1920
    approved by the Ilecret dated 21st June. 2921, the following
    new article shall be inserted :
    “:%r!iclc 15-A.-The Government may, by ruie t.r order
    published in the ORcia1 Gazette-
    (a) reduce or remit, whether prospectively cr retrospec-
    :ii.ely, in the whole or any part of the territories under its
    Liciministratic.nthe duties with which any instruments or
    ally particular class of instruments, or any ,of the instrum-ent?
    l>e!onging to’s’uch class, or any instruments when executed by
    or in favour of any particular’ class of persons, or by or in
    favour of my members’of’kuch clasii are chargeable and
    (13) provide for the composition or consolidation oi duties
    .in the case 1!f;i9sues by*any incorporated company or other
    l~o$ycor~omteof debeqtures, bonds ~r other marketable i
    ‘:..sf. :..’

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