Probation, Offenders, Punishment

(~irst published, after having received the assent of the President in the
“Grrjnrat Governmetit Gawtfe” on the 18th December 1964.
An Act. to amend the Probation of Offenders Act, 1958 in its application
to the State of Gujarat.
It is hereby enacted in the Fifteenth Year of the RepubIic of’Iodia as follows:
& I. This Act may be called the Probation of Offenders {Gujarat Arncndmant)a~u*.
Act, 1964,
so 2. In the Probation of Oflanders Act, 1958 in its appIication to the State of h,h
1911- Gujarat (hereinafter referred to as j’the principal A’ct”), in sub-section (21 of scc- of-om
d Ad $0
tion 13 the Explanation shall be renumbered as Expinnation I and after Expiam- lwr.
tion I as so renumbered the following shall be inserted, namely :-a
“‘Explanation 12.-For the purp&es of this se’ction, the City of AhmcdabadW.
as defined in clause (2) of section i:of the Ahmedabad ,City Coyrts Act, 19611~6~.
shall be deemed to be a District rind the Chief Magistrate appointed ,under ‘
that Act shall be deemed to be District Magistrate-of that Disiricl”,

  1. I, the principal Act, aftcr section 19, the followitkg new section shall be
    xnwrtion of
    new ~eotion
    zo in ~o20tadded, namely,:-
    “20. In the area in which this Act comes into force., (hereinafter referred%-I
    .to as “the said area”),
  2. t,
    . …
    ‘, –
    (1)if. the said hrea forms part of the Bombay area of the,State of ~ujarat.p& .
    tbe Bombay Probation ‘of Offenders Act, 1938.
    — ,
    (2) L’tWsajd area forms part of the Smraltra area .ot the State of g~
    , ..
    .. .._.
    Gujarat, the Bombay Probition of Offenders Act, 1938 as adapted and applied~f
    (31 if the said area torms part of the Kutch area of the State of Gujarat, p$ ,
    to the said Saurashtra’area, and ,
    !the Bmbay Probation of Offenders Act, 1938 as applied to the bitid Kutch of
    &all stand repealed with effect on and frok the date on which this Act
    comes into force in the said area :
    Pxovided that such repeal shall not affect-
    -{a)tbe previous *operation of any law so repealed or.any thing duly
    d6ne or suffered thereunder.
    -., ,
    (6) any right, privilege, obligation or liability acquired, accrued or .in-
    curred under any law so repealed, or
    (c) any penalty, forfeiture or punishment incurred under any law so
    repealed in respect ‘of any offeke, or
    (d) any investigation, legal proceeding or remkdy in respect of any such .
    , rigbt, privilege, obligation, liability, penalty, forfeiture or punishment, as
    . and any such investigation, legal proceeding or remedy may be
    instituted, continued or enforced and any such penalty. forfeiture or puntsh-
    ment may be imposed as’ if chis Act had not come into force:
    Provided further that,anything done or any action taken (including any
    appointment made, recognition given, or rule or order made) under the, – –
    provisions of any law so repealed under this section and in force imme-
    diately before the said date shall be deemed to have been done dr laken
    .under the corresponding provisions of this AcC and shall continue in force
    until superseded by anything done ‘or any action taken under thc provision.

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