Agricultural Produce, Co-operative Society, Dealer, Godown Keeper, Market,
Market Proper, Principal Market Yard, Processing, Producer, Retail Sale,
Trade Allowance

ACT, 1961.
(RJNJAB ACT NO. 23 OF 196 1 .)
[Received rile assent of the President of India on the 18th Muy, 1961,
andfirst pu blished for general infurnla~iotr in rke Punjab Government
gaze tre (Extraordinary), Legislative Slcpplemenr, ofthe 26111 May,

1 961 .]

Year No.
Agicul tural ‘ I- Amendd by Punjab Act 23 of 1962’
Markets Act. Amended by Punjab Act 40 of 1963~
Short title
Thc Punjab
196 1 1 Arncrtdrd by Punjab Act 2 of 19661
PThehr repealed or ohtrwise
affected by legislalion
Arncrtdcd by Punjab Act 3 of 1962l
Amend4 by the Punjab State
Agriculrural marketing Board and –
marketing Committees (Recontilution
and Remaganisation), Ordcr, 1969 (or
Amended by Hqana Act 25 of 19706
Arncnded ,by Elaryana Act 30 of 197 l9

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