Bhudan Holder, Bhudan Yagna, Purposes, Land, Landless Person

tofacilitate activities in connection with the Bhudan Yagna
n Dhnmrm rrm.r:rln Fnr Ikm
L-.tZL4 A nkn-7,-
rcn.ctih~!irmnf a Rhuden Va2.a Roqrd; the donatinn
-~f!n_n_dsto the said Board, the disiribution of lands
receive6 Li dijiia’iioii tu landifis pecans as n:so their.
utilisatlor, for community purposes ;and for purposes
connected with the laatters aforesaid.
Be it enacted by the Legislature 31 lhe Stale of Pcnjab in Ule
JC. .nllV5- YU(IWb, fcp. WI.UY LVa C1.U
Scvcnril Ycar or”the Kepu’niic dinaia as Eoiiows :-
I. For Stalcmcrir of objects and reasons, see Putvab Go~lerrrmctrtGarerrc
(Exlranrdinary), 1955, page 738.
2 For Statement of objccts and reasons, see Punjab Government Gazette
(Extraordinary), 1957, page 391.

  1. See S.O. ‘1303,datcd [he 28th March, 1969, published in the Gnzerte ofIndia
    (Extraordinary-),part 11, section 3 (ii) datcd thc 3 1st March, 1969.
  2. For Statement of objects and reasons, see Haryat~aGovernme~rGazefte
    (Extraordinary), dated the 5-7-1976 page.1270.
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  4. Far Statement of objects and reasons, see Haryana Government Gazerre
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    [I956:Pb. Act 45
    Short title
  5. (1) This Act may be called the Punjab Bhudan Yagna Act,
    extent aud 1955.
    ‘[(2) It extendsto the territories, which-immediatelybeforethe
    1st day ofNovember, 1966 were comprised in rhe State of-.Punjab,
    excIuding the Union Territory of Chandigarh formed under section 4 of
    the PunjahReorganisation Act, 1966 (31 of 1966)].
    (3′) It shall comeinlo force at once.
    Dclinitions. 2. hthis Act, unless there is anything repugnanl inthe subject or
    {a) “Bhudanholder” means a person recorded in village
    papers GT i~coidof rights as a 8hudai holdzr ud~i
    (b) “Bhndan Yagna” means the movement initiated by
    Shri Acharya Vinoba Bhave for the acquisition of
    lands through voluntary gifts in favour of the Board ;
    ‘[(c) “Board1means the Punjab Bhudan Yagna Board or
    the H,qnna Rhudan Yapa Board or the Himachal
    Pradesh BhoodanYagna Board established ordeemed
    lv “v cstab!isbed f~rthz Staic of Piiijab Gi :he Skitc
    llrf Hqzcanr !he @rrn_rf~~rred ?~-?i_tnl;~ ctheCEP m~y
    be ;]
    (d) “Communitypuvoses”means any purposes whicn is
    .for the good of the community of the village in
    (cj “ialld” nlcans ia~:d which is u~cupicrl.UT ~cL~OI
    agricultural purposes or for purposes subservient ro
    agricul~ureor for pnsIrlre ;
    (fj “landlessperson”means a person holding no land or
    hiid less thzii the aca which may bc piescdxd iii
    this behalf ;
    {g) “Revenue Officer” means such Revenue Officer
    appointed under theLPunjabLand Revenue Act, 1887
  6. Sobslitured by thc Punjab hhudan Yagna Board (Re-organisarion) Order, 1969,
    -cen~a!;1956 :Pb. Act 45 ]
    [or any other corresponding law for the time being in
    force], as the State Government may, by notification,
    appoint to dischargethe functionsofa Revenue Oficer
    under that Act [[orlaw] ;

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