Cinematograph, Cinema

An Act to make provision for regulating exhibitions by means of
. cinematographs in the l[llaryana]
It is hereby enacted as foIlows :-

  1. (1) This Act may be called r he Punjab Cinemas (Regulation)
    Short iilte,
    extenr and Act, 1952.
    (2) Itextendstothewholeof thcstateof lwaryana].
    (3) It shall be deemedto have come into force on28th of July
    1952 ‘[in the principal territories and on the 3rd April, 1957, in the
    transferred territories.]
    Definitions. 2. Inthis Act, unless the context otherwise requires,-
    (a) “Cinematograph”includes any apparatus for the rep-
    resentationof moving pictures or seriesofpictures;
    (b) “Government” means the Government of the 3[State of
    (c) “place” includes a house, building, tent and
    any description of transport, whethcr by sea, land, or
    air ;
    (d) “prescribed” means prescribed by rules made under
    this Act.
    Cinematograph 3. Save as othenvise provided in this Act, no person shall give
    exhibition LO an exhibition, by means of a cinematograph, elsewhere than in a place
    be licensed- licensed under this Act or otherwise than in compliance with any
    condition and restriction imposed by such licence.
  2. The authority having power to grant licences under this ACL
    Magi strace :
    authority. (hereinafter referred to as rhe ‘licensing authority’), shall be thc District
    Provided that the Government may, by notification in heofficial
    Gazette, constitute for the whole or any part of the State, such other
    authority as ir may specify therein, to be [helicensing authority for the
    purposcs of thsAct.
  3. Subs~itu~ed[or thc word, ‘Punjab’ by thc Iiaryana Adaptation of Laws
    Order, 1968.
    , 2 . Adklbyibid.
  4. Subsirrutzd Ibr the rvords “Sta~cof Punjab by ibid.5. (I) The licensing authority shall not grant a licence under Restrictions
    this Act unless it is satisfied that-
    on powcrs of
    (a)the rules made under this Act have bcen complied with ; a,,lhoriry,
    (b) adequate precautions have been taken in the place, in
    respect of which the licence is to be given to provide for
    the safety of the persons attending exhibitions therein.
    ‘(2) Subject to the foregoing provisions of this section and to
    the contrbl ofthe Government,the licensingauthoritymay grant licences
    under ihis”~ctto such persons as it thinks fit, on such terms and
    . .-,
    conditions’as it may determine :
    ‘provided that it shall be deemed to be a condition of every
    licence whether granted before or after the commencementof the Punjab
    Cinemas (~e~ulation) Haryana AmendmentAct, 1968, that if a licensee
    fails, without sufficient cause, to give exhibition, by means of a
    cinematograph, for a period of fifteen days in a month whether
    consecutively or othe-wise.his licence shall be liable to concellation
    under clause (b)’ofsub-section (1) of section 8.1-
    (3) Any person aggrieved by the decision of the licensing
    authority refusing to grant a licence under this Act may, within such
    time as may be prescribed, appeal to the Government or to such officer
    as the Governmen1may specify in this behalf and the Government or
    the officer, as the case may be, may make such order in the case as it or
    he thinks fit.
    (4) The Government may, from time LOtime, issue directions
    to licensees generally or to any licensee in particular for the purpose
    of regulating the exhibition of any film or class of films, so that
    scientific films, films intended for educational purposes, films dealing
    with news and current events, documentary films or indigenous films
    ‘ secure an adequate opportunity of being exhibited and where any such
    directions have been issued those directions shall be deemed to be
    additional condi[ions subject to-which the licence has been
  5. (1) The ~overrhnentin respect of the whole of the *[State of Power of
    Haryana] or any part thereof, and the District Magistrate, in respect of Governmen’ Or
    local authority
    is of opinion that any film which is being publicly exhibitcd is likely of
    to causc a breach of the peace, by ordcr, suspend the exhibition of the Films in ccriain
    I.Provisio to sub-section (1)of scction 5 inserted by Haryana Acl 5 of 1968. cases-
    the district whithin his jurisdiction, may,if it or he, as…may be, ,suspend
  6. Subsritu~edfor the ivords “Statc nf Punjab” by theMaryana Adaprarion ul’Laws
    Order. 1968.

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