The Punjab Court Act 1914

An Act to ~aliiateail things done under the Punjab CourtsAct, 1914
as amdedbyPunjabAct Wof1914, to repeal thesaid Acts or
so mucj of them as may he valid ot~dto enact alawrelati~tgto
I[Cours in Hayalt a] which ispeefrom fhe defect described in
WHERE^ it appears that the Punjab CourtsAct, 1914, as assmted
toby the Liatenant-Governoronthe 15th January, 1914, and bythe
Governor-Gaeralon 27thApril, 1914, and aspublished inthepunjab
Gazette on;2nd May, 1914, included a clause namely, clause (b) of
sub-section(1) of section 39 which had not been passed by the
L.e&lat& 2ouncilof the Lieutenant-Governor, and whereas doubts
have arisa as to the validity ofthings done under the said Act, and
the amdingAct, PunjabAct IVof 1914 :
And wherem it is expedient to validate all things done under
the said Acts, to repeal tbe saidActs or so mchof them as may be
valid, adto enat a law relating to Courts in 2[H~ana],which is
fieefromfbe&fst abvedescribed, it isherebyenactedas follows :-

  1. (I) This Act may be cdled the Punjab Courts Act, 1918. Short title and
    (2) It &nds to 2~aqaa].
    the expresiion “thePunjabCourtsAct, 1914,” I&&what was
    published as the Punjab Courts Act, 1914, in Part Vofthe
    Punj~bGazette,dated 22nd May, 1914; and
    the expression “Punjab Act IV of 1914” means what was
    publishedas Punjab ktIVof 19 14, inPart Vof thefinjab
    Gazette, dated 20th November, 1914.
  2. (1) (a) The provisions contained in Part II ofthisAct are Enacmetit of
    hereby enacted, and shall be deemed to have had effect on and horn provisions
    the fimdayofAupst, 19143[in theprincipal territories andon and
    60mthe 14th November, 1957 in the transferred tenitones.].
    J. Su~tutedforIhewrdTo~inPrmjab”bytheHaryanaA&pt&on~fLaws
    (State. and ConmentSubjects)Order, 1968.
    2 Substituted forthe word’Yburts in fimjab”byiheHaymaAdaptation ofLm
    (State and hcunentSubjects)Order, 1968.
  3. Added by ihid
    11938 :Pb.Att 6
    (bj ThePunjabCourtsAcf, 1914,andhjabAct1~of1414,
    or so much ofthem as may be valid, are repealedonand fiomthe ht
    day ofAugust, 1914.
    Validation ofacts (2) All things done under the Punjab Courts ‘Act, 191 4, as
    aroended by PunjabAct IV of 1914, shall be deemed’to be in every
    way as valid as if the Punjab Cor~rtsAct, 1 9t4,as amended by Punjab
    Act IV of 1914, had beenof MI force and efkct on and f?om the first
    day of August, 1914:
    Provided, Mlythat any appeal which rnay have kendecided
    by the Chief Court in the exercise of jurisdiction purporting to be
    exercisedunder section39(l)(b)ofthePunjabCourtsAct, 1914, shall
    be deemed to have been validly decided and shall not be chlled in
    question by reason of anything coataiaed in this Act;
    And, secondly,that any appealwhichbefore the cornmen-t
    ofthis Acthas beenpeatdto the ChiefCourtunderseaion39(X)(b)
    of the Punjab Courts Act, 1914, and which shodd.aothave been so
    presented if the said subsection had ran as set out msection 39 of
    Part Il oftbisAct shall ifit has not bceo decidedbe transfmedby the
    said Court for disposal to the District Court havingjurisdiction;
    And thirdly,that my appealwhich would have lab to the Chief
    Court under section 39 (1)(b) of the Punjab Courts Act, 1914, but
    which lies to the District Court under the provisions of tbisAct and
    whicb if presented to the,ChiefCourt at the cormnen-t of this
    Act would be within-timi,shall be deemed to be presented within
    time if to the District Court witbin sixty days from the
    commencement of this Act.

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