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Enactment, Father, Financial Commissioner, Government, Immovable
Property, Imprisonment, Local Authority, Magistrate, Master, Movable
Property, Oath, Offence, Part, Person, Political Agent, Public Act, District,
Section, Ship, Sign, Son, Swear, Vessel, Will

AnAct to shorten the language ofActs and fox other matters
WT~ERFAS it is expedientto shortenthe language used in d[Punjab
and HaryanaActs] and tomakecertain provisions for the construction
of, and other matters relating to, such Acts; it is hereby enacted as
Short title and
f0U.0~s :-

  1. (1) This Act may be called the Punjab General Clauses Act,
    1898 ;and
  2. For StatementorObjczls afld Reasons.see Pulljob Gazetre, 1597,Pt. page
    14; for Rcport of the Select Committee, see ibid, 1898. Pt. V-A, page 1; for
    Proceedin@ inCouncil, see ibid, 1897, Pt. VI, page 4. and 1898, Pi. VI. page2.
  3. For Statement of Objects and Reasons, see East Pu~qubGuzelle, 1448,
    Extraordinary, pagc 531 pp; and for pr ocaeding in Assemblysee East Panjab
    LegislativeAssembly Debates, 1948, VoIume EU,pages 96-97.
  4. For Statmcnt of Objects and Reasons, see Hdq~anaGovernrnen~Gazette
    (Extra.),dated the 29th October, 1968.
  5. Substituted for the words “PunjabActs” by the Haryana Adaptation of Laws
    (Stateand ConcurrentSubjectspder,1968.
    The Punjab OLnd
    Chuses Act, 1898
    Whetb~~rewed or othcnvise
    aected by legislation
    Amcdd, Punjab Act 6of
    Ametrrlrd, ~veofhdia ~t
    (Adaplalion oflndhlaws)
    Order, 1937.
    Amended Easl Ptmjab Act, 40
    The hdim Indepmdene [Adaptation
    ofBengal rmd Punjnb A&) Ordcr,
    The tation of LawsOrder, 1950. The A-hn nfLws(“IXrcI Amendmmt) Order, 1951. The Fhym +&II oflaws (State end Connvrcnt Subjccls) mdelq 1968′.11898 :Pb.Act 1 Abcr. (2) Tt shall come into force at once. ‘[ * “” unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or
  6. In this Act and in [all Punjab and Haryana Acts]
    context, –
    (I) “abet”, with its grammaticalvariations and cognate 45 of
    expressions, shall have the same meaning a5 in the Lndian Penal is60.
    (2) “act”, used with reference to aa offence or a civil
    wrong, shall include a series of acts, and words which refer to
    acts done extend also to illegal omissions :
    Affidavit. (3) “affidavit” shall include affirmation and
    declaration in the case of persons by law allowed to affirm or
    declare instead of swearing :
    (4) %mister” shaII mean a barrister of England or
    Ireland or member of the Faculty ofAdvocates in Scotland :
    (6) “British possession” shall mean any part of Her
    possession. Majesty’s Dominions,exclusive of the United Kingdom, and
    where parts ofthose Dominions are under both a centralmd.a
    local Legislature, all parts under the central Legislatitre shall,
    for the purposes ofthis definition,be deemed to be’one British
    possession :
    (7) “chapter” shall mean a Chapter of the [Punjab oc
    Haryana Act] 5[* * *] in which the word occurs ;
  7. substituted for the words “Puujab Acts” by the Haryana Adaptation of Laws
    (Stalk and Concurrcnl subjec~s)Order, 1968.
  8. Thc words “and East Punjab Acts” inscrled by Ihc Lndian Independence
    (Adaptah ofBengaI a11d Punjab Acts) Order, 1948, wcrc omittd by the
    Adaptation ofLaws (Third Amendment) Order, 1 95 1.
  9. See hdja Code, Volume m.
  10. The “definition of British India” was omitted by the Government of hdia
    (Adaptatioti ofIndian Laws) Order, 1937.
  11. The words “or Easl Punjab Act” inserted,byIhc lndian lndcpendence
    (Adaptation of Bcngal and Punjab Acts) Order, 1948, were omitted by the
    Adaptation ofLaws (Third knwdmenr) Order, 195 1.
    6 The definition of “Chkf Co~lri”was ornirlrrl by the ~nvcrnmentnf India
    (Adaplariou of Indian Lamsl Order. 1937.1898 :~b.Act 11 I~MERAL CLA~JSFS
    (9) “collecto~-“shall mean the chief office~in-chargeof the Collccior.
    revenue-administration of a district and shall include a Deputy
    Commissioner :
    [(I 0) “c01ony” ;
    (a) in any PunjabAct passed aRer the commencement of Part
    111 of the Government ofIndia Act, 1935, 2[* * * *] shall
    mean any part ofHer Majesty’s Dominions exclusi.rre of
    the British Islands, the Dominions ofIndia and Pakistan
    (andbefore theestabljshment of those Dominions, British
    India), any Dominion as defined in the Statute of
    Westminster. 193 I. any Province or State forming part of
    any of the said Doninions and British Burma, and
    fi) in any Punjab Act passed before the commencement of
    Part I11 of the said Act, mean any part of Hev Majesty’s
    Dominions exclusive of the British Islands and of British

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