Instrument, Noise, Noise Pollution

to control the use and play of instrumentssuch as
loud-speakers, microphones and amplifiers
Beit enacted by thehgislatureof the State of Punjab in the Seventh
Year of the Republic of India as folIows :-
Short title and 1. I) This Act may be caIIed the’Punjab Instruments [Control
of Noises) Act, 1956.
2[(2)It shall come into force ‘[in such areas of the Principal
territories] and on such dates as the state Government, may by
notification in the Official Gazette. direct 3[and in the transferred
ierritories on the 3rd Aprii, 19571.

  1. Inthis Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or
    “Instrument” means a loud-speaker, an ampIificr and such
    other apparaws for the play of sounds as may be
    declared to be an instrument under this Act by the State
    jij in or upon any premises at such a pitch or volume as to
    be audible beyond the precinctsthereof ;or
    (ii) in or upon any street or bmar or open spacc,
    Reslriclion on
    use of instru-
    Magistrate or any officer authorised hy him in this
    behalf and under such conditions as may bc attached
    to it.]
  2. Substituted for ihc words “in suchareas” by Haryana Adaptation of Lncs 0:dz:.
  3. This Act came into force.on the 2nd January, I957vide Punjab Govemmenl
    Notification No.9232-3H-56110575-Cl49published in Punjab Government
    Gazette Part I, 1957, page 30.
  4. Added by ibid
  5. Substirutcd,by Haiyana Acl 5of 1978.
    c,<pp[ ET:der
    -#:;i&cE rv-AA 7.=-,::=:.-,7# ..,d“.. .-.<“A :I.–.a ZiS?iC!1956 :Pb. Act 36 1 INSTRC~MENTS{CONTROL
  6. Noperson shalI use or operate any instrument between ten Limitation on
    O’clock in the night and six o’clock in the morning except with the Ihc we of
    written permission of the ~istrictMagistrate or any officer instruments.
    authorised by him in this behalf and under such conditions as may bc
    attached to it.
    ‘[4A. No permission under section 3 or section 4 shall be given Fee,
    unlcss the application for permission bears a court fee stamp of the
    value calculated at the rate of 2[seven rupees and fifty paiselfor every
    day or part thereof in respect of which the permission is sought:
    Provided that where the permission is either refusedor given for
    a period which is less than the one applied for, the amount of fee shall
    be refunded wholly or proportionately as the case may be.]
  7. Whoever contravenes heprovisions of the Act shall be IiabIe Penalty.
    to be punished with imprisnnmentofeither description for a term which
    may extend to six months or with fine which may extend to one
    thousand rupees or with both.
    3[5. Notwithstanding anything contained inthe Ccde of Criminal Offences to be
    Procedure, 1898,an offence punishable-under this Act shall be co~ble.

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