Khadi, Village, Industry

CHAPTER I-Preliminary

  1. (I) This Act may be callcd the Punjab Khadi and Villagc
    Industries Board Act, 1955.
    ‘(2) It extends to the territories which immediately before
    [he 1st day of November 1966were comprised in tl~cerstwhile State of
    (3) It shall come into force at once.
  2. Jn this Act unless therc is anything repugnant in the subject
    or context,-
    (i) “Board” means Ihe S[Hnryann Khadi and ,Village
    Industries Board] constituted under section 3.
    6[{irr) “Chief Execurive” means the Chief Executive oT the
    Board ;
    1 . For Statement of objects.and reasons, see Iloryana Governn~entGazette
    (Extraordinary) dalcd the 21SL Septcrnber, 1979, page 1685.
  3. For Slatcment of objects and reasons, see Haryana Gover~in~e~lt Gazette
    (Ex~raordinary)dated the 15th March, 1980, page 562.
  4. For Statement of objecls and reasons, see Haryonu , Governnrenf Gazelie
    (Extraordinary) dated the 5th July, ,1980, page 1 3 18.
  5. Substitured by the Punjah Khadi and Villagc Induslrics Board (Reorganisation)
    Order, 1969.
  6. Scc scction 2A.
  7. Inserted IxyHeryana Act 22OF 1980.1956 :Pb. Act 40 ] KHADI AND VILLAGE
    “Khadi” means any handloom cIoth woven from yam
    handspun in India.
    (iii) Trescribed” means prescribed by rules made under this
    (iv) “ViIIage Industries” means such industries which
    generally form the normal occupation whether whole-
    rime or part time of any class of the rural populatjon of
    ihe I[S tale of Haryana in and pmcularsuch Industries as
    may be recommended from time to time hy the
    2[Comnissionl appointed by the Government of India
    and such other industries as the State Government may,
    by notification in Lhe oiricial gazette, spccify in chis
    ‘L L 3r
    oziril in consuiiauon with heBoard.
    (v)”Government” means the Government of the ‘[State of
    3(vi),”Commission” means the Khadi and Village Industries
    Commission established under section 4 of the Khadi
    and Village Industries Commission ACL,1956 (Nn. 6 l
    of 1956).
    “ijviii j “rnem’oer” inciudes “Chairman” and “Chief Exccutive”
    ILIbII~~lVI L~IG~oiiiii”iriciudes “Chajrman of the
    Board” and “Chief Exautive of the Board”].
    in the application ofthe provisions of this Act.- Construction of
  1. Subsuruted for the words “All India Khadi and VilIagc Industries Board” by
    Punjab Act No.-29of1957.
  2. Added by Punjab Act 29 of 1957, section Z{b).
    4, clause (vii)to section 2 added by Punjab Act 30 of1964and further substituted
    HqnnaAct 22 of 1980.
  3. Addcd by Punjab Khadi andViHage IndustriesBoard (Re-organisation) Ordcr,

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