Business, Goods, Fare, Owner, Passenger

It shall con:: inio force on the first day of Augu;t, 1952
‘[in theprincipal territorie ;and onthe 24th May, 1957, inthe tr: nsferred
krritories.] –
Dcfiniriuns. 2. In this Act, unlcss there is anything repugnant in th;: subject
or context,-
(a)”business” means the business of canying passengers
and goods by motor vehicles ;
(b) “Commissioner” means the Excise and Taxation
Commis:;ioner, “maria] ;
(c) “fare,” includes sums payable for a season ticket or in
I respect of the hire of a contract carriage ;
(d) “goods” include live-stock, and anything carried by a
motor vehicle except living persons, but does not
include the personal luggage of passengers travelling
in [he vehicles when such luggage is not charged for,
and the equipment ordinarily used with the vehicle ;
3[(e)”owner” means the owner of a motor vehicle used for
carrying passengers or goods in or through the terrjtory
of the State of Haryana and includes-
(i) the holder of a permit in respect ofsuch vehicle,
(ii) any person for the time being incharge of such
(iii) any person responsible for the rnanagenent of the
pli~ceof business of such owner,
(iv) Government, or a corporation constituted under the
Road Transport Corporation Act, 1950 ;]
4[(S) “passenger” means any person travelling in a motor
vehicls other than a private and public carrier but shall
not include the driver or the conductor or an
employee of the owner of the vehicle travelling in the
botza ,fide discharge of his duties in connection with
the vc:hicle] ;

  1. Added by Haryana Adaptation of Laws Order. 1968.
  2. substituted for [he word “Punjab” by the Haryana Adaptation of Laws
    Order, 1968.
  3. Substiluied by Havana Act 5 of 1973.
    4.Substituled by H~ryana.4c! 2 of 1988.1952 Pb. Act 16 1 PASSENGERS ANDGC IDS
    (g) “prescribed” means presc-ibed by rules framed under
    this Act ;
    ‘[(gg)”private carricr” means a goods carriage other than a
    public carrier used for thf carriage of goods which are
    owner’s property or the carriage of which is necessary
    for the purposcs of owner’s business not being a
    business of providing transport or the vehicle used for
    any of the following purposes :-
    (a) the delivery or collection by or on behalf of the
    owner of goods sold, used or let or hire-purchase
    in the course of any trade or business carried on
    by him orher than the tradc or business of
    providing transport ;
    (6) the &livery or collection by or on behalf of the
    owner of goods which have been or which are to
    be subjectedto a process or treatment in the course
    of a trade or business carried on by him ;or
    (c) the carriage of goods in a transport vehicle by a
    manufacture of or agent or dealer in such goods
    while the vehicle is being used for demonstration
    purposes ;
    (ggg) “public carrier” means a goods carriage transporting
    or undertaking to transport goods, or any class of goods,
    for any other person at any time and in any public place
    for hire or reward, whether in pursuance of the terms
    of a contract or agreement or othenvise ;]
    (h)”State” means the State of ‘Paryana] ;
    3[(i) “motor vehicle” meals a public service vehicle and
    includes public carrier, private carrier or a milor when
    attached to any such vehicle and omnibus used by an
    employer other than the Government, for carriage of
    his employees ;I
    (j) a! l words and expressions used in this Act but not
    defined shalf have the: meaning assigned to them in the
    d[MotorVehicles Ad, 1988 (Central Act 59 of 1988).]
  4. Inserted by,Haryana Act 27 af 2002.
  5. Substi~uiedfor the word “Punjab” hy Haryana Adaptation of Laws Order.
  6. Substiluled by Maryana ACL2 of 1988.
  7. Substiluled oy I-laryana Aa 27 of 2002.i
    PASSENGERS AND GOI )S 11952 :Pb. Act 16
    -3. 2[(1)There shaII be levied, cha:ged and paid to the State
    Gover ~menta tax at such rate not exceeding sixty per centurn of the value
    ILVY of tax.
    3[(i) fare or freight, as the casc may be, on all passengers I
    and goods carried by a motor vehicle other than a
    private carrier; and ]
    (ii) freight as catculated on the basis of freight rate fixed
    for public carriers by the competent authority under
    the ‘[Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 (Central Act 59 of
    198811 on dl goods carried by a private carrier,
    as the State Government may, by notification, direct, the amount of
    tax being calculated to the nearest multiple of five paise by ignoring
    two paise or less and counting more than two paise as five paise

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