Agricultural Land, Village Immovable Property, Urban Immovable Property,
Member of Agricultural Tribe

A 11 A?i to ammrd the Lawreluting to Pre-empiion ill ‘[Halyana.1
WHERE~S, if is expedient to amend the Law relating to pre-
emption in ‘[Haryana;]. It is hereby enacted as follows :-

  1. For statemitof objects and Reasons, seehrdab Go:etre, 1912, Part V,page
  2. For Statmenfof Objects and Reasons, see Punjab Gazette. 1928, Part V,pagc
  3. TI came into force on I st Dccemba; 1928,-vide funjab Governcat
    notificationNo.5489, datcd 16th Novcmbcr, 1928.
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    … k
    short title
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    dald29h October, 1968.
  8. Snbs~itutcdfor iheword “Puruab” by the Haryma Adaptaton ofLaws Order,
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    (E~r~-uordina~j, dated thc 15-3-1995page 400.
    Whether rcpcalled or olhcmi~
    affcctod by legislation
    Am~ndcdby Punjab Acl Zof 192s’
    Amcndcd, C;~vcmmnlof Iadie
    (Adaptationof ~ndi~nLaws) Ordcr, 1937.
    Amended by,+jab Ac! 1 of 1944.
    cLne~drdby Lhc Indian lndrpendence
    (Adapbfon oVBm~nland Punjnb AcLr)
    Ordcr, 1948 (GGO. 40)
    .b~cn&dby Adxphtion oflaws O&r.
    hcndrd by A&pralion 01′ Laws
    (Third Amcndmmt) Order or 1951′ Extmdcd
    Lo Ibt terribdcs wbicb. irnmcdiatcly hfn~
    he Ist November, 1956, wnc comgriscd in
    the Statc ofPa’atinls and =st Punjah Stah
    IInion by hajab AclNo.23of 1957′
    hmA&d by Puajab Ack 10 of 1960′
    Amcndcd by Punjab Act 13 of 1964′
    Halyana Adaphlton orLaws (Smfc and
    Concumnt Suhjccts) Drllrr, 1968′
    Amended by Ifwyaaa Act 10 of 1995’PRE-EMPTION
    11913 :Pb. Act 1
    Short title and
  10. (1) This Act may be called the Punjab Pre-emption
    local extent. Act, 1913.
    Repeal ofcertliin 2. (1) The Punjab Pre-emption.Act, 1905, is hereby
    cnac~~ts. repealed.
    (2) Nothing in this Act shall affect the provisions of
    Order 21, rule 88, of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, or
    sections 53 and 54 of the Punjab TenancyAct, 1887.
    16 of
    (3) Notwithstandinganything to the contrary insection 887
    4 of the Punjab General ClausesAct, 1898, the Courts shall in
    dsuits, appealsand proceedingspending at the commencment
    of this Act give effect, so far as may be, to the procedure
    prescribed by this Act.
    Definitions. 3. Tn this Act, unless a different intention appears
    born the subject or context,-
    (1) ‘agricultural land’ shall mean land as dehed in
    the ZPunjabAlienation of Land Act, 1900, (as
  • ..-.
    shall mean
    amended by Act I of 1907), bit shall not include 1400.
    the right of a moflgagee, ~hethtx~usufructuaryor
    not, in such land.; , .. ; :. ,, .. ,
    irmnovable property within the limits of a village,
    other than agriculturd land . , ;
    (3) ‘urban immovable property’ shall mean
    immovable property within the limits of a town,
    othe~than agricultural land. For the purposes of
    this Act aspecifiedplace shall be deemed to be a
    town (a) if so declaredby the 3[State]Government
    by notification in the Official Gazette, or (b) if so .
    (2) ‘village immovable
    found by the Courts ;
  1. Substitutd for theword “Punjab” by Haryaia MaptationofLaws Order, 1968.
  2. Rcpcalcdby thc Adaptation of L~w(Third s Amendment) Order, 195 1.
  3. Subsutured for thc word “~rovincial”bythe ~da~talionof~awsorder, 1950..,, 1913 ,.. . :Pb.Act I]
    13 of
    (4) ‘member of an agricultural tribe’ ‘and group of
    agricultural tribes’ shall have the meanings
    assigned to them, respectively, under the ‘Punjab
    Alienation of Land Act, 1900.
    (5) Sale shall not include –
    (a) asaleinexecutionofadecreeformoneyor
    ofan order ofa Civil, ~rirknalor Revenue
    Court or ofa Revenue officer ;
    (b) thecreationofan occupancy tenancy bya
    landlord, whether for consideration 6r
    otherwise ;
    17 of
    (6) any expression which is defined by section 3 of
    the Punjab Land Revenue Act, 1887, shall, subject
    to the provisions of this Act, have the meaning
    assigned to it in the said section.

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