Administrator, Article, Assembly Constituency, Delimitation Commission,
Existing State of Punjab, Law, Population Ratio, Sitting Member, State of
Punjab, Successor State, Transferred Territory, Treasury

An Act to provide for the reorganisation of the existing State of
Punjab and for matters connected therewith,
BE it enacted by Parliament in the Seventeenth Year of the
Repnblic of India as follows :–
I. Short title.-This Act Inay be called the Punjab
Reorganisation Act, 1966.

  1. Definitions.–In this Act, unless the context otherwise I
    requires,– I
    (a) “Administrator” means the administrator of a Union territory 1
    appointed by the President under article 239 of the
    (h) “appointed day” means the lst day of November, 1966;
    (c) “article” means an article of the Constitution;
    (4 “assembly constituency”, “council constituency” and
    “parliamentary constituency” have tlie same meanings as in
    the Representation of the People Act, 1950 (43 of 1950);
    (e) “Delimitation Commission” means the Delimitation
    Commission constituted under section 3 of the Delimitation
    Commission Act, 1962 (1 of 1962);
  2. The Act as printed here is as passed by the Parliame~lt in 1966, and for Statement of
    objects and Reasons See Govt. of India Gazette 3.9.1966 Part-I1 see 2 Extra, P. ,
    804 and for its Hindi text see RHP Extra., dated 22-7-89 P 1772.
    “existing State of Punjab” means the State of Punjab as
    existing immediately before the appointed day;
    (g) “law” includes any enactment, ordinance, regulation, order,
    bye-law, rule, scheme, notification or other instrument . having, immediately before the appointed day, of the force of
    law in the whole or in any part of the existing state of Punjab;
    (11) “notified order” means an order published in the Official
    (i) “population ratio”, in relation to the States of Haryana and
    Punjab and the union, means the ration of 37.38 to 54.84 to
    (j) “prescribed” means prescribed by rules made under this Act;
    (k) “sitting member”, in relation to either House of Parliament or
    of the Legislature of the existing State of Punjab, means a
    person who immediately beforc the appointed day is a
    member of that House;
    (I) “State of Punjab” means the State with the same name,
    comprising the territories referred to in sub-section (1) of
    section 6;
    (m) “successor state”, in relation to the existing State of Punjab
    means the State of Punjab or Haryana, and includes also the
    Union in relation to the Union rerritory of Chandigarh and the
    transferred territory; ,
    (n) “transferred territory” means the territory which on the
    appointed day is transferred from the existing State of Punjab
    to the Union territory of Himachal Pradesh;
    (0) “treasury” includes a sub-treasury; and
    (p) any reference to a district, tehsil or other territorial division df
    the existing State of Punjab shall be construed as a reference
    to the area comprised within that territorial division on the lSt
    day of July, 1966.

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