Closed, Commercial Establishment, Closing Hour, Night, Opening Hour,
Retail Trade Or Business, Shop, Spread over, Wages, Wage Period, Young

An Act to provide for the regrilation of conditions of work and
empIoyment in shops and commercial kstablishments.
Be it enac~edby the LegiSlalure of [hestateoi~unjabin ,he Ninth
Year of the Republic of India as follows :-

  1. (I) This Act may be called the pinjab Shops and Commercia
    shalt Lirle,
    and applicalion.
    Establishments Act, 1958.
    ,(2) It extcnds to the whole . I of thc,State –. of ‘maryana].
    (3) It shall come into rorce on such2daicas Governrncnt may,
    by notification in rhe official Gazette, appoint in this behalf.
    (4) Jt shalt apply in the first inslancc to the areas specifiedin
    the Scheudule, but Government may by nolificarion direct that it shall
    also apply 10 such other *area and on such date as may be specified in
    the notifichtion.
  2. Substituted for [hc-word”Punjab” by the Havana Adayiation ofLak~~s Order.
  1. The Act came into force on the I st June; 1358, szc Punjah Government
    nalitica~onNo. 4607-C-Lab-58/44511, dared the 3rd May. 1958.
    (I) Fa~chabadin Hissar Djswi~l,and weavers Colony, G.T. Road.
    .Panipat. with effect from the 1st June. 1958.-vide- Punjab
    Governrncnt nolifidation No. 65291590S-C-Labll744-R.A.
    datcd the lsr June, 1358, scc Punjab Government Gazettc
    (Extraordinary ), 1958, paze 1070.
    (2) New To~vnshipof F:~ridnh:td con~prisingor hludcl l’orvll.
    sutr!r~nenLind~lstriolarea and stinpping cenlrc across thc1958 :Pb. Act 151
  2. (1) In lhis Act, unless the contexl otherwise requires,- Dclini~ions.
    (i) “closcd” means not open for the senlice of any cusL>rneis
    or for any other purposc whatsoever relaring to buincss
    (ii) “close day” mansthe day of the week bn which ashop
    or commercial. estahli.sfimcnt remains
    closcd ; , ,

    Railway lirle’and’adjoining he Railway Sralion, Faridabnd wirh
    erlrct From the 13th June, 1958-~uidt. Punjab Govenrnen~
    noriCica~ioq,No. 6863-(c) -Lab-58119101, datcd thc 131hJune,
    1958, see Punjab ,. . Govcrnrncnazetti(~x~raordinar~). 1958, . 8′, pages lOS3-84. (3) Narwana Mandi, Narwnntl Town, tvilh effect fron thc lOlh February. 1959,-vide Punjab Governrnenr norificarirn No. 934-Lab (1)-5914902, dared dlc 9th February. 1959; sek Funjab Govcrnmcnt Gazertc (Ex~raordinary).,1959. page I5I. (3) Gaushzlla 1Mandt. Gandhi Mandi and Madcl Town,Pmipa~, diskicr Karnal and Tohana in dislricr Ilissar. with effec~fre, 1959,Parr Ipage 7 18.
    Novcmbcr. 1959. -vide ~u;?inb~bvernmcnlnorificaria~No.
    1 1300-Lah-Ir RL- 40 SA) – 5911 36-3:circdrhc 20th OL~obcr. 1959.wePunjab Guitrnmen~Gnzerlr.,1959. P3r1-I.1st-117

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