Assigned Area, Cane, Cane Grower, Crushing Season

An Act to regulate the purchase and supply of sugarcane
required for use in sugar factories.
It is hereby enacled as follows :-
short ti~lc. 1. (I) This Act may be called the Punjab Sugarcane (Regualtion
exlenr and of Purchase and Supply) Act, 1953.
(2) It extends to the whole of the State of 5maryana.J
(3) It shall come in to force at once l[in the principal territories
and on the 15th May, 1958 in the trnnsferred territories.]
Short title
Definitions. 2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,-

(I) “assigned area” means an area assigned to a factory under

Whether repealed or olbenvise
affectedby legislation
Amendad by Hnryana Act 5 oi 1972′
Amended by Haryana Acl 43 of 1973′
Amcnded by Haryana Act9 of 19743
Amendcd by Haryana Act 14 of 197S4
this Act ;
(2) “Board” means the Sugarcane Control Board ;
(3) “cane” means sugarcane intended for use in a ‘[factory or
Khandsari sugar manufacturing unit ;]
(4) “Cane Commissioner” means the officerappointed by the
Government to perform the functions of Cane Commissioner ;
1 For Staternenl of Objects and Reasons, see Harynrto Guvenrnlenr Gn:ctte
(Extra), 1972, page 50.

  1. For Slalement of Objects and Reasons, see Harynnn Co~~ernrnetit Gazcrre
    Exma), dntcd. the 2-1 1- 1973; page 2002.
  2. For Statement of Objccts and Reasons. see Haryano Govcrnt~rc~lrGazerre
    (Exrra), dated, the 14-1-1974 ; pagc 138.
  3. For Statement of Objects and Reasons, see Haqmtin Govertlrr~etrtGazerre
    (Extra), dated. he 1 1-3- 1978 ; pagc 330.
  4. Subslituted for [heword “Punjab” by the Haryana Adaptatiun ofLaws Order,
  5. Added by ibid.
  6. Subslituted by Haryana Act 14 of 1978.1953 :Pb. Act 40 ] SUGARCANE (~ULATIONOF
    (5) “cane-grower” means a person including a tenant who
    cultivates cane either himself or through members of his family or
    through hired labour, and who is not a member of a Cane-growers’
    Co-operative Society;
    (6) “Cane-growers’ Co-operative Society” means society
    registered under Co-operative Societies Act, 1912, one of the objecis
    ofwhich is to sell cane grown by its members ;
    (7)”CoIIector” means the Chief Revenue Authority of a
    disuict ;
    ‘[(a) “crushing season” mcans such period as the Statc
    Government may, by notificaiion, specify ;]
    (9) “factory” means a sugar factory wherein 20 or more
    workers are working or were working, on any day of the preceding
    twelve months, and in any part of which any manufacturing process
    connected with the production of sugar is being carried on or is
    ordinarily carricd onwith the aid of power ;
    (10) “Government” means the Government of the ‘[State of
    Haryana] ;
    3[(IOA)”Khandsari sugar manufacturing unit” means a unit
    engaged or ordinarily engaged in the manufacture or production of
    khandsari sugar with the aid of a crusher driven by any mechanical
    power ;]
    ‘[(II)”occupier of a ractoiy or Khandsari sugar manufacturing
    unit” means the person who has control over the affairs of a factory or
    Khandsari sugar manufacturing unit and where the said affairs are
    entrusted to [he managing agent, such agent ;I
    (12)”prescribed” means prescribed by rules made under this
    Act ;
    (23) “State” means the ‘[State ofHaryana).
  7. (1) The Government shall establish and constitute a Sugarcant:
    Sugarcane Control Board for the State and ascnbe to i 1 such duties and Control Board.
    functions in pursuance of the provisions of this Act, as may be

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