Village, Village Headman, Village Panchayat

An Act to make provision for the perfomancc of nightly
patrol duty by the inhabitants of villages and small
towns in ‘[Haryana] in case of emergency.
Whereas it is expedient to make ~ovision for the performance
of nightly patrol duty by the inhabitants of villages add small towns in
‘[Haryana] in case of emergencq; it is hereby enacted as follows :-
Title and cxtmt. 1. (1) This Act may be called the Punjab Village and Small Towns
Patrol Act, 19 1 8.
(2) It extends to ‘[Haryana].

  1. la this Act-
    “Wlage” includes a town with a popuation not exceeding ten
    thousand in habitants according t3 the last census; also any
    recognized sub-division of a dage or of such a town ;
    “village headman” means the person duly appointed to perlbrm
    the duties of the dlage headman ;
    “village panchayat” means 2[(2) in the cw of a municipality, the
    municipal committee; @) in-the cas: of a notified area, the
    notified area committee; (c) in tht case of a small town,
    the small town committee; and (d) J in the case of any other
    village, the whole body of the village headmen and such
    other pasons as the Deputy Coxmissioner may appoint
    on a report made, after consulting be viIlage community
    concerned, by the za-idar or other person deputed for the
    purpose by the Deputy Cormnissbner ; provided that the
    number of persons so appointed shall not be more than
    twice the number of the village 5eadmen.
    Order for 3. (1) When the Deputy Commissioner i: of opinion that in any
    perhrmancc or village in his district (a) special measures’ are ~tquired to secure the
    patrol duty. public safety, and the inbabi tants have not, either voluntarily, or on
  2. Substituted fbr the word “Punjab” by Aaryana Adzptation of Laws (State and
    Concurrent Subjects) Ordcr, 1968.
  3. Substitnred for the wards “in the case ofa municipality & muoicipal ccffnmittcc
    and” by Ponjiib Act, 2 of 1942, section 2.
    being required so to do by the-Deputy Commissioner, made sufficient
    provision for watch and ward, he may make an order in writing that
    that fTom such date as he may fix in the order all able-bodied adult male
    inhabitants of the village shall be liable to patrol duty.
    (2) An order under sub-section (I) shall remain in force for
    such period not exceeding one year as the Deputy Commissioner may
    fix, but it may be removed t?om time to time as the Deputy
    Commissioner may direct.
    (3) An Order under sub-section (I) or (2) may be cancelled at
    any time by the Deputy Commissioner.
    , 4. (I) When the Deputy Commissioner has made an order under
    section 3 he shall, unless the village is a municipality, ‘[a notified area
    or a small town], appoint a village panchayat2 for the village.
    (2) The village pnchayat of &ti village in respect of which an
    order under section 3 bas been passed shall report forthwith-
    (a) the number of able-bodied adult male inhabitants of the
    village ;
    b the number of persons which ia their opinion will be
    required for patrol duty each night ;
    (c) the mefhod by which in their opinion such persons shall be
    selected, that is, whether by . . rotation or by lot or otherwise.
    (3) Upon receipt of the report of the iillage panchayat the
    Deputy Commissioner shall determine the number of perions required
    for patrol duty and the method of their se~eaidn, and shall inform the
    village pgcbayat of his decision.
    (4) Persons shall be selected by the dage panchayat for
    patrol duty in such numbers and according to such methods as the I.
    ~eputy donmrissioner my determink.
    (5) Where the selection is by lot, names once drawn shall not be
    dram again until all the remaining names on the list have been

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