Collector, Displaced Person, Hilly Area, Panchayat, Shamilat Deh

AN ACT to consolidate . .. and amend .,.the lay regulatingthe rights inshamilat
deh and abadi deh.
Be itenactedby the Legislature of the Stateof Punjab in the Twelfth
ye& of the Republic if India as follows :-
(1) This Act may be called’ihe punjab Village Common shOntitle,
Lands (‘Regulation) Act, 1961.
(2) It extends to the whole of the State of ‘[Haryana].
(3) IL shall come into force.atonceā€¦. :s

  1. In this ACL,unless the context otherwise requires,-
    extent and
    ‘[(a) “Assistant +&llkitor of the first grade” means an
    Assistant Collectorof the first Grade empowered by he
    State Government. to exercise the and perfom
    heduties under this Act ;Ii
    ~[(naj”Collector” means the Collector of the district and
    includes any other officer appointed by the State
    Government forperforming the functions of the Collector
    under this Act ;]
    -‘[(oaa)”Commis~ioner’~means the Commissioner of the
    -Division and includes any other officer appointed by
    the State Government for performing the functions of
    the Commissioner under this Acr’;]
    (b) “displaced person” means a person dcfined as such in
    the East Punjab Displaced Persons (Land Rcsettlement)
    Act, 1949, or the Patiala and ~astPunjab States Union
    Displaced Persons an and Resertlement) Ordinance.
    2006 BK;
    ‘[(b-i) “Financial Commissioner” means the Financial
    Commissioner to Government, Haryana, appointed by
    the State Government for the purpose ofthis Act ;]
    5[(bh) “hilly area” meisNaraingarh Block, Manimajra Block,
    Raipur Rani Block, and Chhachharauli Block ;]
    I. Subs~iwledfor hcword “Punjabby he Haryana Adaplation of Laws (S~Cand
    Concurrent Subjecu;) Ordcr, 1968.
  2. Clausc (a) subsiiruted by Haryma ACL47 of 1973.
  3. Suhsrirured by Haryana Act 8 of 1975.
    4 lnrened by Haryana Acl 2 or 1981.
  4. Inrcrted by Punjab Act 19 of 1964, Secrion 2. and suhsri~ulcdby punjab Act 13 oi
  5. Scct~on2 and funher subs~itutcdby Hwyana Adap~a~ionof Laws (Stale and
    Cnncunrnr Subjects) Ordcr. 1 968.
  6. lnscned by Hqm3 Acl 9 OF 1999.VILLAGE COMMON LANDS [I961 :Pb.Act 18
    (c) “house” includes a courtyardwhether walled or not;
    (ri) “inhabitant of a viliage” means a person, whether a
    pro$ etor or a non-proprietor,,who,ordinarily resides in
    the village :
    Providedthat temporary absence or absence in relaion
    to employment elsewhereshall no1affFi his residence . , in
    the village ;
    ‘[(e) “panchayat” means a Gram Panchayatconstituted under
    the Punjab Gram Panchayat Act, 1952 ;]
    (n .”;;rcscrib~dbd” means pescribed . , by rulesmade under this
    (g) “shamilat deh” includes- :,. -,
    (I) lands described in the revenue records as ‘(shamilat
    Deh or Charmdl excluding abadi deh ;
    (2) shamiIat tikkas ;
    (3) lands described-inthe revenue records as shamiIat,
    tarafs, patlies, pannas and thoias and used according
    to revenue records for.the benefit of the village
    community or a part thereof ar’forcommonpurposes
    ‘ ..
    ‘ofIhe village ;
    l[(4)lands used or reseived for the benefit of viIlage
    communityincluding streets, lanes, playgrounds,
    schools, denking we11s’orponds situated within the
    sabha area as defined in clause (mrnm).of section 3
    of the punjab ~iamPanchayat Act, 1952, excluding
    lands reservcdfor the common purposes ofa village
    under section 18 of the East Punjab Holdings
    (consolidation ahd Prevention of Fragmentation )
    Act. 1948 (~astpunjab Act 50 of 1948), the
    management and control whereof vests in the State
    Government under seclion 23-A of the aforesaid
    Act ;1 .

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