Daily Wage Employee, Govt Company, Public Services

to regulate appointments and prohibit irregular appointmentsin
officesandestablishments under the control of theState Govern-
ment, local authorities, public corporations and Universities etc.
and matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.
Be it enacted by the Rajasthan State Legislature in the
Fiftieth Year of the~e~ublic of India asfollows:-

  1. Short title, extent and commencement.-41) This Act
    may be called the Rajasthan (Regulation of Appointments to
    Public Services and Rationalisation of Staff) Act, 1999.
    (2)It extends to the whole of theState of Rajasthan.
    (3)It shall come into force at once.
  2. Definitions.-In this Act, unless there is any thing
    repugnant in the subject or context,-
    37 t 11)
    (i) ‘Competent authority’ means the officeror authority
    specified by the StateGovernment by notification to
    exercise the powers and perform the functions of a
    -4 (a) -rr;irt.m m-m,rif 7, 1999
    competent authority under this Act and different
    authorities may be specified for different purposes
    with respect to different districts, different depart-
    ments or different institutions;
    (ii) ‘daily wage employee’ means any person who is
    employed in any public service on the basis of
    payment of daily wages and includes a person .
    employed, on the basis of nominal muster roll or
    consolidated pay either on full time or part time or
    piece rate basis, or asa workcharged employee, and
    also includes any other similar category of employ- –
    ees, by whatever designation called, other than,
    those who are selected and appointed on a
    sanctioned post in accordance with the relevant rules
    on a regular basis;
    (iii) ‘Government Company’ means’any company incor-
    porated under thecompaniesAct,1956 (CentratAct
    No. 1 of 1956)in which not less than fifty onepercent
    of the paid up share capiial is held by the State
    ~overnmentand includes a company which is sub-
    sidiary of such a GovenunentCompany;
    (iv) ‘local authority’ means,-
    (a) a Panchayati Raj institution established under
    the Rajasthan Panchayati RajAct, 1994 (ActNo.
    13 of 1994);
    (b) a municipality, constituted under the Rajasthan
    Municipalities Act, 1959 (Act No. 38 of 1959);
    (c) any other local bodies, corporations and
    Universities etc. established or declared as
    local bodies under any Rajasthan law for the
    time being in force;
    (v) ‘public service’ means services in any office or
    establishment of,-
    (a) the State Government;
    (b) a local authority;c) aGovernmentCompanyor undertakingwholly
    owned or controlled by the State Government;
    (d) a body established under any labmade by the
    Legislatureof theState whether inmrporatedor
    not, including a University; and
    () anyotherbody establishdbytheStateGovem-
    ment or a society registered under any law
    relating to the registration of societies for the
    hmebeingin force and receiving funds from the
    State Government either fully or partly for its
    maintenance,or any educational institution
    whether registered ornotbutreceivingaid from
    the State Government.

Explanation.- For the purpose of this clause engagement of

persons on muster rolls in respect of works for
reliefs against natural calamities shall not be
deemed to be ‘public service’.

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