Registration, Additional Inspector, Registered, Amendment

HEREBY enacted in the Twenty-sixth Year of the Republic of India as
folbws :-

  1. (1) This Act may be called the Registration (Uttar Pradesl-I Amend- shoa title, extend
    and commw
    ment) Act, 1975.
    (2) It extends to the whole of Uttar ~radkih.
    (3) It shall come into force on such date as the State Government may by
  1. In section 3 of tlxe Registration Act, 1908, as amended in its applica- ~~~dm~t
    B of Act

XVI of 1908.
section (2) , the following sub-section sllall he in~e~iccl, nanwly :-
. “(3) The State Government may appoint one or more Additional
Inspectors General of Registration and Deputy Inspectors General of
Registration for the territories snbject to such Government and ma)
prescribe the duties of such officers and authorise them to exercise
and perform all or any of the powers and duties of the Inspector General
of Registration.”

  1. In section 69 of the principal ,kt, in sub-section (I), nflcr clarlse (dl ,
    section 69.
    the following clauses shall be inserted, name1yl:-
    “(dti) ~~roxidingfor refuncl of registration Eees paid in excess ;
    (ddd) providing for recovery of deficiency in registration fees ;”
  2. After section 78 of the priilcipal Act, the following section shall be
    inserted, namely :-
    IRlt:rtionOf –
    section 78-A.
    “’78-A. The State Gover~ltuelitmay by rule or older publishecl in the
    Power to reduce official Gazette, reduce or remit, whether prospectively
    ore remit fees. or retrospectively, in the whole or any part of the
    territories under its administration, the fees chargeable in respect of any
    instrument or class of instruments, or in respect of any class of instra-
    ~nerltsw11e11exec-tltect 1)). or in 1′;tsour of tltc State Croxertirr~ent01 ~II?
    person or class of persons.”
    ?(ForStatement of Objects and Reasons, please ,see UWrr Yrorieqh Gnit,rtr E.1 t~nor.diiirrry.
    dated A~lgust9, 1975).
    (Passed in Hindi by Uttal’ Pradesh Leeislative Assembly oil August 5. 1975 atd by
    the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Co~~ncil on August S, 1975).
    (Received the Assent of the President on Ceptember 15, 1975 under Artlcfe 201 of the
    Constitution of Tndia and was publ~qhedin the C7rlc!r Puriiklr G’rrzettc C.1trctoi.dincrr I>,dated September 23. 1975.)Y 2 brtion of new 5. After section 80 of the principal Act, the following sections shall be and nserted, namely :- sections 80–4 SO-B. Duty of Collector “SO-A. (1) It shall be the duty of the Collector, if he is satisfied, during the proceedings, if any, under section 47-A of the p,dng, Indian Stamp Act, 1899, that the fee for registration under section 47-A paid under this Act in respect of a dbcument is in of the Indian deficit, to determine in &:a course of such proceedings the deficient anlount of fee and to send n copy of the gtamP Act
    order macle in the procecctillgs to the-registering officer for the recovery
    of the said anloullt lrorn tlie person liable to pay the deficient amount
    of stamp d~tyt~ntlcrthe said section.
    (2) An order of the Collector under sub-section (1) shall be deemkd
    to be an order made by tlie CoIlector under section 47-A of the Indian
    %amp Act, 1899 and sfial be final.

(3) Any amount recoverable under this section may be recovered as

‘arrears of land revenue.
and provision for
refund of
So-B- (1) If on illspection or otherwise, it is found that the fee pay-
of able under this Act in relation to any document which
Gon fee as aman paid, such fee may (after failure to pay the same on
of land revenue demand within the prescribed period), on a certificate
of Inspector General of Registration, Additional Ins-
pector General of Registration or Deputy Inspector
de&cient registra. is registered has not been paid or has been insuflicientIy
C4encral of Registration, be recovered from the person who presented
such document for registration under section 32 as arrears of land
revenue. Suclr. certificate shall be final and shall not be called in ques-
tion in any couit or before any autIloritg :
Provided that no such certificate shall be granted unless due enquiry
is made and such person has been given an opportunity of being heard.
(‘2) Ililtcre the Inspector General of Registration finds that the amount
ot fee chaiged arid paid exceeds that which is legally chargeable under
the i~ri>vibionsoi this Act, 11e may, upon an application in writing or
.~ther-wise,refund the excess.”.

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