Affiliated Institution, Autonomous College, College, Registered Graduate,
University, Faculty, Teacher

E it enacted by the Legislature of the State oi’
isin the Seventeenth Year ol the
Republic of India as follows :-
I. (I) This Act may be called the Sambalpur short tit[~
cxtcut and
University Act, 1966.
(2) It shall extend to the districts of Sambalpur,
Bolaneir, Sundargarh, Kalahandi and Boudh and the
~thm+i1liksubdivision of the district of Dhenkanal of
the State of Orissa.
(3) It shall come into force on such date as the
State Gnvernment may, by notification2, appuiot in
that behalf.

  1. In this Act, unless the conle~torherwise Definitirns.
    whole or in part ;
    (a)”Academic Council” means the Academic
    Council of the University ;
    (b) “affiliated institution” means any institu-
    tion affiliated to the University whether in
    3[(b-I)’autonomous CCIllege, institution or
    department’ means a college, institution
    or department, as tEe case may be, on
    which the status of autonon~yhas been
    conferred under this Act;
    I. For Statcmcnt ofObjects and Reesons. sce Orissd Goratfe, ~st=-
    crdinary, datcd thc 5th Oclobcr 1966 (No.1187).
  2. Came into force with eff~tfrom thc 1st Jnrit!ary 1967-vide Notifra-
    ti011 No.36270-1V.E.-B.-I 2165-E.,dated the 21st Deccrnbcr 1966, published
    in Uris~a Guzcfrc, Extraordinary, dated thc 24th December 1966
    (No. 1418).
  3. Inscrted by the Oris= Univcrsiry Laws (Focrth Arnendmmt) AC~,
    1978 (Or.Act 12 of1978), s.2(A).(c) “college” means an institution admitted to
    the University in accordance with the
    provisions of this Act and theStatutesl[and ofissa Act
    includes a college managed by the Univer- 22 of1966.
    sity], but does not incIude a School,
    whether it is an independent institution or
    forms part of a ColIege as defined herein ;
    ‘[(uc) ”Director of Public Instruction” means
    the Director of Public Instruction, Orissa
    and includes such other officer as may be
    authoxised by the State Government from
    time to time to perform the functiuns and
    exercise the powers of the Director of
    Public Instruction under this Act;]
    (4 “district” and “subdivision” shall respec-
    Orissa Act
    22 of 1963
    tively mean the district and subdivision
    within the meaning of the Orisaa Revenue
    Administration (Units) Act, 1963 ;
    (t) “prescribed” means prescribed by the
    registered under this Act ;
    $tatutes ;
    sity ;
    (g) “Regulations” means the Regulations
    made by the Academic Council of the
    University ;
    @) “Senatev means the Senate OF the Wniver-
    (f)”Registe~;edgraduate” means a graduate
    (i) ‘CStatutes” means bhe Statutes of the Uni-
    versity made under this Act ;
    (j)”Syndicate” means the Syndicate of the
    University ;and
    ck) ccUniversity”means the Sambalpur Univer-
  4. (I) The first ChancelIor and Vice-Chancellor
    of the University and the first members of the Senate
    and a11 persons who may hereafter become such
    officers or members, so Iong as they continue to
    hold,su ch office or membership, are hereby constitu-
    ted a body corporate by the name of the Sambalpur

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