Saurashtra, Gharkhed, Tenancy Settlement, Agricultural Lands

Acta of tbe Gumkgihime and Ordmauccs promalgalad and
Rqdations made by the Govtmor.
The following Act of the Gujarat Legislature having been assented to by the
President on the 1st August, 1973, is hereby published for general information,
Secretary to the Government of Gujarat.
LRgaI Department.
(First published, after having received the assent of the President in the
Gujaruf Government Gazette on the 6th August. 1973).
An Act further to amend the Saurashtra Gharkhed, Tenancy Settlement
and Agriculturd Lands Ordinance, 1949.
It is hereby enacted in the Twenty-third Year of the Republic of India as

  1. This Act may bbelled the Sgurashtra Gharkhed, Tenancy Settlement and ah& trtle.
    Agricultural hnds (Gujarat Amendment) Act, 1972.
    f0n0m :-*
    226 GYJ. GOTJT..QBZ;, .EX.,AUGUST 8, 19731BRAVANA 15, 1806 , [PAETIV I ?’ ., I
  2. hsdon54 ofthe Sa~lshfr&4!#arkhed,Tenancy Scttlment and Agri-E;,
    cultural hdsOrdinance, 1949, hWUk4ktion (I), after the existing proviso, tha
    followhg further proviso shall be &&@ namely :-
    “]Provided further that no su+hission shall be granted, where laad is
    being sold to a pmon who is wt ~aa~agriculturistfor agcicultucal purpoat, if
    the annual income of such person from other sources ex& five thousmd

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