Societies Registration Act, 1860, Application to Delhi State

An Act to amend the Societies Registration Act,
1860, in its application to the State of Delhi.
BE?t enacted by the Delhi State Legislative Assembly
in the Fifth Year dthe Republic of India as follows :-

  1. (1;) This Act may be called the Societies Registra-
    and tion (&I.& Amendment) Act, 1954.
    . mencement.
    (2) It !shall come into force an the date on which it
    receives the assent of the President.
    mdment 2. In section 12 d the Societies Registration Act, 1860.
    of section hereinafter called the said Act, after the words “other
    society” the words “or whenever the governing body of any;
    society registered under this Act decides to ohangs the name
    of the society” shall be inserted.
    Insetion of 3. After section 12 of the said Act, the following new
    sections shall be inserted, namely :-
    new sec-
    XXI Of
    “12A. Registrdion df change of name.-41) Where a
    in Act proposition for change of name has been agreed to and
    % . .-
    confirmed in the manner prescribed by section 12, a copy
    of the proposition so agreed to and confirmed. shall be for-:
    warded to the Registrar * *’ for registering the change of
    name. If the proposed name is identical with that by which.
    any other existing society has been registered, or’ in rhe’
    opmion d the Registrar so nearly resembles such name as
    to be likely to deceive the public or the members of either
    society, $he Registrar shall refuse to register the change-of;
    (2) Save as provided in sub-section (1). the Registrar
    shall, if he is satisfied that the provisions of this Act in res-
    pect of change of name have been complied with, regi~ter
    the change of name and issue a certificate of registration
    altered to meet the circumstances of the case. Un the issue
    of such a certificate the change of name shall be complete.
    (3) The-Registrar shall charge for any copy of a ccrti-
    ficate iswed under sub-section (2) a fee of rupee m
    ‘[or such larger fee not exceeding rupees five] as the State
    Governrnm may, from time to time, dhct; and all fees so
    paid shall fc~rmpart of the 3[Cmsolidated Fund of India].
    ‘Omitted by Notifiation No. GSR 83, dt 16-1-1960, see Gazette of India, Pt. asee
    3(i) dt 23-1-1960, p. 144.
    .Subs. by s. 2 of Delhi Act 5 of 1955 for the word “or such larger fee”.
    ‘Subs. by A.O. (No. 5) 1957 for the words “Consolidated Fund of the Staten.
    , i’
    The SUciejies Registration (Delhi Amendment) Act, 1954
    12B. Egect of chiage of name.-The change in the
    name of a society shall not affect any rights or obligations
    of the society or render defective and legal praceeding by
    or against the society; and any legal proceeding which might
    have been continued or commenced by or against it by the
    former name may be continued or commenced by or egainst
    it by the new name.
    12C. Registrdion of change of mmes eflerted before
    coming into force 4 Lkhi Act 9 of 1954.-If any society
    registered under this Act has, before the date of the coming
    into force of the Societies Registration mlhi Amendment)
    Act, 1954, intimated to the Registrar * *’ the change of its
    name and if the Registrar has recorded such change, rhe Re-
    gistrar may, notwithstanding anything contained in this Act,
    on an application made by the society in this behalf and
    I on payment of a fee as provided for in sub-section (3) of
    section 12A. register the change of such name and issue a
    certificate to the society under sub-section (2) of [be said
    section 12A. On the issue of such certificate the cbaage
    shall be deemed to be complete from the date on which suck
    change was recorded by the Registrar, notwithstanding the
    fact that the society had not followed the procedure pres~i-
    bed in sections 12 and 12A.”

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