Suits Valuation

GUJARAT ACT NO. 31 OF 1964. ,
{First publish4, after ha;ing r~eivedthe assent of the Presidenl in the
“Grrjarat Governarent Gazette” on the I llh Nbvcrnber 1964).
An Act,:~rtherto+amenrlthe Suits Valuatio~~Act, 1887 for the purpw –
of extending it to the Saurashtra area of the State .of Gujaraf and
for certain other purpow.
It is hmby enacted in the Fifteenth Year of the RepuFlic of India, as fhows: –
I. (I) This Act may bc called the Suita Valuation (Gujarat Extension and mart tit].
and COJllUlCM-
Amandment) Act, 1964.
(2) It shall come into force on such date as the State Govern~nentmay, by
notification in tho OfficialGazeire, appoint.205 GPJ. GOVT. atla.. EX;. NOVEllBER 11, 19MIKARTIKA 20, 1886 PART IV

  1. Section I, of the Suits Valuation ~ct;1887<(hereinafterreferred to as “the
    of wtion I
    of hob~1 principal Act”) shall be rer~urnberedas sub-section (I) tl~ercofand ia that section-
    of 1887.
    namely: –
    “(2) This Act as in force in the Bombay area and the Kutch area of the
    (I) after sub-section (I), the following sub-sect&* shall be inserted,
    State of Gujarat immediately before tlie commencemcnt’of (he Suits Valuation a,l,g,
    (Gujarat Extension and Amend~uent)Act, 1964, shall also extend to the of
    Saurashtra area of the Slate of Gujarat.”;
    (2) in the marginal note, for the word “Title” the words “Title and extent
    to State of Gujarat” shall be substituted.
    AmcnJnicnt 3. In section 3′ of the principal Act, jri sub-section (I), for the-,words, figures,
    nfeecf~ionaofbrackets and letter “the Court-fees Act, 1870, section 7. parigraphs v and vi, and
    Ad .vn of
    188.7. . paragraph x, cIausu (d)” the following shall be substitutcd. namely:-
    “cla”se (4 of paragraph (iv), paragraphs (v), (vfi and (viO and .d.dause FC 22-
    paragrap11 (.ri), in section 6 of the Bombay Court-fees Act, 1959″. ,
  2. In scction 4 of the principal Act, for the words and figururss ‘!the Court-fen
    V1 of
    of Act. 1870, section 7, paragraph iv, or Schedule XI, article 17P tbe. following shall
  3. be substilulcd. namely :-
    of &ion 4 of
    . mmkian – 8 nf
    det VIi d
    5 or 7 in Schedule 1 or c!ause 0of AricIe 23 in Schedule 11, to’the Bombay t.
    Courkfees Act. 19597. ‘
    %ht.irm of 5. Section 6 oi the principal Act shall be deletad.
    “clause (c), k),0,tr) or 0) of paragriiph (iv)iu sextion 6 of, Article 3, 4, FV”-,
    I? *.
    ‘ 1887.
    “Provided that, in the Sauroshtra area of the State of Gujarat, it chaU mmsG$~l
    1m. *
    ~mendment 6, To section 4 of the principal Act, the fo1lowiag.provim shall be added,
    ufmtion 7 of
    ofneothn8 of,,
    @to force on the date of the coming into force of the Suita Valuation (Gujarat I=
    Extension and ~rnendm=nt)Act, 1964.”. .
  4. 111 section 8 of the principal Act, for’the words, figures, brackets and letter
    the Court-fees Act, 1870, section 7, paragraphs v, vi and ix, and paragraph x,’
    clause (d),couyt-f&s are payable ad valorem under the Court-fees Act, 1870F
    the follow in^ ahall be substituted, namely:-
    188s.PARTZV3 . QUJ. GOVT,GAZ., EX.,NOVEMBER 11, 1864IlCAETIq 20, 1886 aM
    “chuse (4of paragraph (iv),paragraphs (v), (vg, (via and (x) and clause (dl od
    paragraph (xi) in scctioq 6 of the Bombay Court-fees Act, 1959, court-feerr am
    viof payable ad valorem under the Bombay Court-fees Act, 1959,”.
    8, In section 9 of the principal Act, for the words, figures, bra&& and letkrhndol
    “the Court-fees Act, 1870, seGion 7, paragraphs v and vi, and paragraph x,vrr~~~
    clause (d),” the following shall be substituted, namely:-
    “clause (4 of paragraph (iv), paragraphs (v), (vi) and (via aud dpum (4ol
  5. hsection 11 of the principal Ad, .
    Born. paragraph (xo in section 6 of the Bombay Court-fees Act. 1959.”. –
    of ha
    v 01
    (I) ksub-section (I), tor the words end figurc? !’section 578’dthe Code ol
    Civil Prgcedure” the words and figures “section 99 of the CodG of Civil
    v of
    (2) in sub-section (f), for the words and figures “section 622 ot the Codn
    of civil Procedure” the words and figures “section 115 of the Coda of Civil
    rsos. Procedure, 1908″ shall bt substituted;
    . vll
    “Provided that, in the Saurashtra area of he State of Guiarat, it shill
    ad. come into force on the date of the coming into fore of the Suits Valuation
    of . (Gujarat ~xtensionaid Amendment) Act, 1964,”.
    laos. Procedure, 1908″ shall ‘besubstituted;
    , (3) to sub.seclion (S), the following proviso ~haU’be added, luutlely :– .
  6. The Suits Valuation Act, 1887, as adapted and applied to tbe Saurashtra
    area of ihc State of ~ujiratby the State of Sauashtra (Appliafion d Central
    od. and Bombay Acts) Ordinance, 1948, is hereby repealed.

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