Land, Harijans, Harijan Welfare Scheme, Owner

An Act to provide for accluisition of land for Harijan
Welfare Schemes.
BEit enacted by the Legislature of the State of ‘&mil Nadu
in the Twenty-ninth Year of the Republic of India as
Short title,
extent and

  1. (1) This Act may be called the Tamil Na.du Acquisi-
    commencemen*. tion of Land for Harijan Welfaxe SchemesAct, 1978.
    (2) It extends to the whole of the State of Tamil
    (3) It shall come into force on such date as the
    Government may, by notification, appoint.
    Declaratim. 2. It is hereby declared that this Act is for giving
    effect to the policy of the State towads securing the
    principles laid down in Part IV, and in particular article
    46 ofthe Constitution,
    Definitias. 3. In this ~ct,unless the contkxt otherwise requires-
    Court ;
    (a) “Building “includes a house, out-house, stable,
    latrim, shed, hut, wall and any other such structure,
    whether of masonry, bricks, wood, mud, metal or any
    ather materials whatsor:ver ;
    (b) ” Corporaticn ” means a company or corpora-
    tion owned or controlled by the Government ;
    (c) “Court “means-
    (i) in the City of Madras, the Madras City Civil
  • For Statement of Objects and Reasons, see Tamil Nadu Govern
    Wnt Gazette Extraordinary, dated the 29th March 1978, Part N-
    Section 1, Page 328.I
    M8 :’I!.N. Act 3dj Acquisition 01 Land for
    Harijan Welfare Schemes
    (ii) elsewhere, the Subordinate Judge’s Court
    having jurisdiction, and if there is no such Subordinate
    Judge’s Court, the District Court having jurisdiction ;
    (d)”Government “means the State Government;
    (e) ” Land ” includes building and benefits to arise
    out of land and things attached to the earth or permanently
    fastened to anything attached to the earth;
    (f)” Harijans ” means members of the Selred~tled
    Castes and include Scheduled Tribes ;
    Explanation.–(I) ” Scheduled Castes ” nzeans tha
    castes, races or tribcs or parts of, Gr grcups within, cestes,
    races or tribes specified in the Constituticbn (Scheduled
    Castes) Order, 1950, made by the Presic’ent u~lderarticle
    341 of the Constitutionasamended by the Scheduled Castes
    and Scheduled Tribes Order (Amendment) Act, 1976
    (Central Act 108 of 1976).
    (2) “Scheduled Tribes “means the tribes or tribal
    communities,or parts of, or groups within,,tribes or tribal
    communities, specified in the Constitution (Scheduled
    Tribes) Oider, 1950 made by the President under alticle
    342of the C~nstitutionasamended by the Scheduled Castes
    and Scheduled Tribcs Order (Amendment) Act, 1976
    (Central Act 108 of 1976).
    (g)” Harijan Welfare Scheme ” means any scheme
    for provision of house-sites for Hz.rijans fcr constructing,
    extending or improving any dwelling house for Harijzrisor
    for providingany burial or burning grounds for Ha~ijans
    or for providing any pathwey lezding to such dwelling
    house, burial or burning grounds, c.r fcr provio’ircg any
    other amenity for the benefit of Ha.rijans ;
    (h) “Owner “includes any persor, who is reeiving
    01 is entitled to receive the rent of any land cr building,
    whether on his own account or on behalf of himself and
    otbers or as an agent, trustee, executor, administrator,
    ~eceive~or guardian or who wcdd so receive the rent 01
    be entitled to receive the rent, if the land or building were
    let to a tenant ;1
    926 Acquisition.

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