Minority Professional Educational Institution, Qualifying Examination,
Relevant Subjects, University

The following Act of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly received the
assent of the President on the 3rd March 2007 acid is hereby published for
general information:-
ACT No, a OF 2087,
An Act to pravide fa1 admission to prahsslonrl degree caut8es &uah as
Enginecrring, Medicine, hntel, Agrlcuiturcr ‘end ather rllhd counes on tho basis
at marks tr, the qualifying exrmincrtlon.
BE it enacted by the Legislative Assembly bf the State of Tamil NP~UIn th6
Fifty-seventh Year of the Republic of India as follows:-

  1. (I)This Act may be called the Tamil Nddu Admission in Professional Educational Short tit16 ahti
    (e) “apprqptiate authority” means a University or an Autho-ity authorised by the –
    Institutions Act, 2006.
    (2) It shall come ihto force on such date as the State Government may,
    by notification, appoint. .
  2. In this Act, ufiless the context otherwise r@quires,-
    Government to select arid allot students for admission Iii professional educatiorlal courses;
    (b) “Government” means the State Governmefit:
    (c) “Government seats” mean.–
    (i) all the seats in Government colleges, University cclleges and University
    constituent colleges;
    (ii) such number ~t seats In aided professional educ3tional ~nstitutionsas
    may be notified by the Government; and
    (II~)65% of seats in each branch in non-rnino~ityunaided plofessional
    educational institutionsarld 50% of the seats In each branch in mlnorlty unaided professional
    educational institutions, in accordance w~ththe consensus arr~vedat betweeh such
    professional educational institutions and the Government:
    (d)”mrnority professional educational ~nstitution”means the edircat~onalinst~tirtions

(I,) 2ac~e1cf3f Gental Si!rcjer,.
(2) In Engrneerrng Instltutlon, the frrst year of,-
(I) Bachelor of Engineering,
(I) Bachelor of Technology ; and
(111)Bachelor of Archrtecture
and includes any other professional educational courses at undergraduate and postgraduate
level, as may be notlfled by the Government In this behalf;
(f) “professional educational institution” means any college or school or an institute
by whatever name called, including minority professional educational institutions, conducting
professional educational covrses leading to the award of a degree, whatever name called.
approved or recognised by the competent statutory body and affiliated to an bniversity:
(g)”qualrfylng examlnatton” means the examlnatron conducted by the Board of
Secondary Education. Government of Tarn11Nadu, at the Hrgher Secondary (Plus TLXG)
level or any equrvalent examinatron conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Educairon
or any other State Board of any other State or any other Authorlty:
(h)”relevant subjects” mean the subjects as may be prescribed for adm~ss~orl tc
each professronal educat~onalcourses;
(I) “State Board’ means the Board of Secondarj Educatron Government of
(j)”University” means the University established or incorporated by an Act of
the State Legislature;
educational instltutlon shall be made, by the appropriate authority, on the basis of the marks
obtained by a student In the relevant subjects, In the qualifying examlnatlon.
(k) the expression ‘non-resident Indian’ shall have the meaning assigned to it in Cer
the Income Tax Act, 1961.
Admlsslon to 3. Notwl~,.-tandinganything contained in any relevant law or any rules, regulations ov
Government by laws made thereunder. ;~dmission to every Government seat in every profess~onal
Of Marks.
Admrsslon ~n 4. (1) Notw~thstandrngarlythrng contained in any relevant law or any rules, regulat~ons
unaided or by laws made thereunder, adtnlsslnn to seats, excludrng the seats referred to In
professional item (iii) of clause (c) of sectlon 2, In all unalded professronal educational institutions shall
educat’onal be made by the consortrurn of unarded professional educatronal rnstltutrons approved by the
Instrtutlons. Government or by any Authonty autbor~sedby the Government, on the basis of the marks
obtained by a student In the relevant subjects, In the qualrfying examinatlon.
(2) Notwithstand~nganything contained In sub-section (l), any unalded
professibnal educational institution may fill up seats equivalent to 15 per cent of the
total sanctioned strength, in each branch, by the candidates belonging to the non-res~dent
Indians, in accordance wlth such guidelines as may be issued by the Government from time
to time.

  1. (1) The marks obta~nedby the students in the relevant subjects in the qualifyrng
    examinatlon conducted by varlous Boards or Authorlty $hall be squated with the marks
    obtained by the students in the same silbjects rn the quaflfying examinaiion conducted by
    the State Board, by adopting the method of normalizatron.
    Explanation.-Under the method of normalization, the highest mark oblarned by tho
    students of various Boards In each subject shall be equated to the highest mark obtarned
    by the students of State Board in that subject and the relative marks obtained by other
    students in that subject shall be determined accord~ngly.

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