Agriculture, Agricultural Labourer, Board, Dependent, Employer, Farmer, Tenant,
Registered Members, Schedule, Scheme, Member-secretary

An Act to provide for comprehensive social security and for ensuring well be’ing of
landless agricultural labourers and Farmers engaging themselves in direct
BE it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Tamil Nadu in the
Fifty-seventh Year of the Republic of India as follows:-
Short title, 1.(I)This Act may be called the Tamil Nadu Agricultural Labourers -Farmers (Social
extent and Security and Welfare) Act, 2006.
(2) It extends to the whole of the State of Tarnil Nadu except Chennai district.
(3) It shall come into force on such date as the State Government may, by
notification, appoint.
grazing; .
Definitions. 2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,–
(I)’agriculture” includes-
(a) horticulture;
(b) sericulture;
(c) the raising of crops, grass or garden produce;
(4the use by an agriculturist of land held by him or part thereof for
(e) the use of any land for the purpose of raising manure crops;
(f) dairyfarming;
(g) poultryfarming;
(h) livestock breeding;
( growing of t
and’agriculti/rall shall be construed accordingly;
(2) “agricultural labourer” rneans-
any person inthe age group of 18to 65 years, engaged to work inagricultural
or allied agri&ulturaloperations for wages but who does not own any land;
(3) “Board” means a Board established under section 5;
(4) ‘dependent” inrelation to an agricultural labourer or farmer rnealls any of the
relatives of such memberas specified below:-
(i) wife or husband, as the case may be;
(ii) children;
(iii) widow and children of the pre-deceased son; and
(iv) parents;
(5) “employer” means a person who engages an agricultural labourer;
(6) ” farmer” means a farmer in the age group of 18 to 65 years who owns wet !
land not exceeding 2.50acres or dry land not exceeding5.00 acres and engage indirect
cultivation of that land and includes a registered cultivating tenant.
(7) “Fund” means the Tamil Nadu Agricultural Labourers – Farmers Social
Security and Welfare Fund established under a scheme;
(8)”Government” means the State Government;
(9) “registered cultivating tenant” means a person in the age group of
18 to 65 years, who holds wet land not exceeding 2.50 acres or dry land not exceeding
5.00 acres under a registered tenancy agreement and carry on direct cultivation of
Explanation.- For the purpose of claiises (6) and (9)’in case of a holding consisting
both wet and dry land, 0.50 acre of wet land shall be equal to one acre of dry land.
(70) “registered members” means agricultural labourers or farmers registered as
a member under a scheme;
(7 7) “Schedule” means schedule to this Act.
(12) “Sclrerne”means a Scheme made by the Government under this Act;
(13) “Member-Secretary” means tlie Member-Secretary of the Board
constituted under section 5.

  1. (1) The Government may. by notification, by means of a Scheme provide for the Scheme.
    registrationof membersand make provisionsfor the purpose of ensuring social security and
    welfare of the agricultural labourers and farmers.
    (2) The relief or assistance as the case may be, to its registered members,
    in respect of all or any ofthe following matters, that is to say-
    (a)Accident rel;zffor death and injury;
    (b) Natural death;
    (c) Funeral expenses;
    (e) Marriage;
    (f) Delivery or miscarriage or termination of pregnancy;
    (g) OldAge Pension;
    shall be as specified inthe schedule;
    (3)The Government may, inconsultation with the Board, by notification, addto, amend
    or vary allor any of the provisions ofthe aforesaidschemeor substitute anotherschemefor
    any scheme made by it.
  2. If any question arises whether any scheme applies to any class of agricultural
    labourers orfarmers, the matter shall be referred to such authority as may beprescribed in
    this behalf and the decision of such authority shall be final.
  3. (I)The Government may, by notification, establish a Board to be known by such
    name as may be specified inthe notificationfor implementing and administering a scheme.
    (2)The Board shall be a body corporate with the name aforesaid, having perpetual
    succession andcommon seal, with power to acquire, hold and dispose of property, andto
    contract, and may by that name sue or be sued. .
    (3) The Board shall consist of members nominated from time to time by the
    Governmentrepresenting the agricultural labourers, farmers, employers andthe Government
    of whom the Commissioner of Land Reforms shall be the Member-
    Secretary of the Board.
    (4) The Chairman of the Board shall be appointed from amongst the members
    nominated to represent the Government.
    (5) Afler nomination of all the members of the Board including thie Chairman.
    the Government shall, by notification, publish the names of allthe members ofthe Board.
    (6) The term of office of members of the Board shall be such as may be
    (7) The meetings of the Board and procedures to be followed for the purpose
    and all matters supplementary or ancillary thereto shall, subject to the ap1:roval of the
    Government be regulated by the Board itself.
  4. (1) For any reasons whatsoever, if it appears to the Government that it is
    unable to establish a Boardinaccordance with the provisions of section 5, the! Government
    may, by notification, appoint a person who shall hold off~ceuntil a
    Board is duly established under section 5.

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