Hospital, Near Relative, Teaching Medical Institutions, Unclaimed Body

An Act to .provide for the supply of unclaimed bodies of
deceased persons 3[to tea- medical institutions and
hospitals for the purpose of anatoollcql examination
and dissection or medical relief or treatment.] ,
W&AS it is expedient to pr . unclaimed bodies of demand persons tea
institutions and hospita 1s lor ine purpose 0
examination and dissection or medical relief
ft is hereby ena zted as follows :-
. short title, 1.(1)This Act may be c
extent and Anatomy Act, 1951. CommenOBment.
(2) It extends to the whole of the qState of Tamil
(3) This section shall come into force at ohce; I
. ,..” — i These words were substituted for the word ‘ Madras ” by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amended by th3
~amil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendment) Ordcr, 1969.
For Statement of Objects and Reasons, see Fort st. George Gazette, dated the 27th February 1951, Part-IV-A, page 54,
This Act was extended to the Kanyakumari district aild the shen.
Qttab taluk of the Tirunelveli district by section 3 of, and the First
Schedule to, the Tamil Nadu (Transferred Territory) Extagion of
-h* Act. 1960 (Tam11 Nadu Act 23 of 1960) repealing the conponding la\$ … Grce in 1 hat territory.
3 words scre SJ k-,ilrutd for tk 3 oras fi kj kiic+ing ahf
jdutio~~ for the purmic 0: anatomical cxaminatjon and diSSeCtiOn9~
by se*ion 2 of the Tamil Nadu Anatomy (Amendment) Acr, 1960 (Tamil Nadu Act 10 of 196nX
4 This expressicn w::s substituted for tile
of Madras” bY the Tamr i Nadu Adap(atiun L
as ammded by the Tamil -QU A
:Amendment) Order,
1 : T.N. Act XVIII] Anatomy 195 rC –
‘(4) The State Government, may, by notjfi~~iion in
2Fm=t St* George Gozefte, direct that the remaining visions of this Act sh2.l.I cGme ink0 folce on sachd8re
in sucharen as n12.y be spe cifiic in the nci;fi(s icn,

  1. In t his Ac:, u idess i hcrc is anythingrepugmaat in t he Definitions.
    ubject or context-
    (a) ‘ authorized o fflcer ” means an oacer au tho* ;;:d
    r section 3 j
    (6) hospital” means any hospital established or
    maint;:ined by t he State Government, or by any municipal
    council, @ district board or pgnchayat and includes
    any other hospital which may be deckred by the State
    Government by notification in the Fo~t St. George
    Gazette, to be a hospital for the purposes oft his Act 2
    (c) near relative ” mc;l.ns any of i he foll~wing
    relatives of the deceased, namely, a wife, h~sl~anc ,parent,
    son, daughier, brother or sister and. incl~.des any other
    person who is related to the decensed (i) by lincal consanguinit y within three degrees 01- by co 1lr.k~ a,l co nscanguinit y
    within six degrees, or (ii) by muiicge with any of the
    relatives aforesaid 4
    Explumlion.–The expre~sions’~1ineal co ns;inguinit y9′
    and ” collateral consanguinity ” shall have i hc meanings assigned to them in the Indian Succession Act, 1925, and
    degrees of rel?,tnlion;l$p shcll computed in lLe manner
    laid down in t hc.,i. Act.
    (d) cc prescribed ‘” means prescribed by rules made
    .: by~heStateGovcrnmentunderthisAct;
    1 Section I came into force 011 the 14th August 1951. The rest of
    the Act came into force on the 1st July 1952.
    Now the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette,
  • @ The district boards havc now been abolished by tho Tamil Nadu
    Pancbayats Act, 1958 (Tamil Nadu Act XXXV of 1958) and pan- chayat union councils have stepped into the shoes of the district .
    boards. Please Sde section 13 (1) read with section 197 (vi) 01 Tamil
    Nadu Act XXXV of 1958.

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