Animal, Bird, Prohibited Area, Urban Area

An Act te provide in the public interest, for licetuing and regulating or prohibiting
t!:2 keeplirg of animalsand birdr in urban areas in rhe State of Tamil Nadu.
WHEREAS, it is ue&essary to ensure maintenance of public health and
anitation, which is endangeied due to keeping of a large number of milch cattle
ancl other animals in urbaa areas ;
AND WHEREAS,it is exment, in the public interest, toprovide for licensing
aad regulating or prohibiting keeping and movem::nt of animals and birds in urban
arcas in the State of Tamil Nadu and for matters connected therewith or incidental
thereto .
BE it enacted by the Legislative ~ssemblyof ths State of Tatnil Nadu in the
Forty-eighth Year of the Republic of India as follows :-

Short title,
acgtmt and com- Areas (C-trol and Regulation) Act, 1997.
xnummt a
is m force ;
(2) It extends to the whoia of the State of Tamil Nadu.
(3) It shall come iato fom-
(a) at Once in the City of Chennai; and
ib) 10other urban arcas on such date as rl~eGovernment say, by nocibaiion,
eppolnt, and different drtes may 5e appointed for different urban areas and any
reference in this Act to the commencement of this Act shall, in relation to aa urban
area, be construed as a reference to tne coming into force of this Act in that urbm
Dadaitions. 2. In this Act, unless the context, otherwise requires,-
(a) “animal” means any animal specified in the Schedule;
(b) “appellate authority” means an ofher of the Govcmment or of a local
authority appointed by the Government, by notillcation as the appellate authority,
for any urban area in which this Act is in force ;
(c) “bird” moans any bird specified in the Schedule ;
(d) “Governinent” means the State Government ;
(8) “Inspector” means any officer appointed by the Licensitig Officer as
Inspector for the purposes of this Act in respect of any urban area in which this Act
(9) “Licensing Officer” means one or more officers of the Government not
below the rank of Class B officer,or an &cer of a local authority not below the
rank of Class 11 officer, appointed by the Government, by notikation,
as the Licensing oficer or oflicers for the purposes of this Act in respect of any ubran
xrca in which this Act is in force ;
-:tion 8 to he a pro!ibittd area ;
(i)”urban area” means-
(A) the area within the limits of thc City of Chd; and
t& alrv area witbin the limits of any other Municipal Corporationsr any
Municipality or Town hnchayat or industrial Township constituted under any law
for the time being fnforce which is declared by the Government by notificatian to be
(A) “prohibited aka” means the area declared and uotled u.tdet

an urban area for the pumpose of this Act and such area contiguous thererte, as
may be declared by the Government, by notification, to be a part of the same
urban area for the pruposes of this Act :
Pro~idedthat no area within the limits of any contonrnent constituted under the
Cantonments Act, 1924 shall be declared to be an uiban area for the purposes of
this Act.

  1. No person shall keep or cause to be kept or permit. the keeping of Animal or Mpd
    animal or bird, as maj be specified by the Government m this behalf, by not to be ksp4
    notification (hereinafterreferred to as :the notified animal or bird), in any urban fn urbanareas
    area, after the expiry of a period of three months from the date oisuch notification without
    except under, and in accordance with the conditions of, a licencegranted to him limce
    under this Act.
  2. (1) Any person intending to obtain or renew a licence shall apply to the Gmtand rae
    wal of liace,
    Licensing Officerin such form, in such manner and on payment of such fee, as
    may be prescribed.
    (2) On receipt of an application under sub-section (I), the Licensing Officer
    may, either grant or renew the licence or for reasons to be recorded in writing,
    by order, refuse to grant or renew the licence :
    Provided. that the Licensinq OfEcer shall before passing an or6 er refusing to
    grant or renew the licence, give the person concerned, a reasonable opportunity of
    being heard.

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