Commissioner, Law, Local Area, Board of Revenue

An Act to provide for the aboliron of the Board of
Reve~ueand to proidi4e for matters confiected therewith.
Bait enacted by the Legislature of the State of Tamil Nadu
in the Thirty-fi~stYear of the Republicof India asfollows:-

  1. (1) This Act may be called the Tamil Nadu Boaid Short titk and
    (2) It shall come into force on such date as the
    of Revenue Abolition Act, 1980.
    Govexnment may, by notification, appoint.
  2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,- DeflGtion*
    (a) ” Appropriate Authority “means,-
    (i) the Commissioner; or
    (ii) any officer nct below the ~ankof Additional
    Secretaxy to Government; 01
    (iii) anyother office1 not belowthe rank of District
    Collector :
    specified by the Government under sub-section (1) of
    section 4:
    (b)”Comrnissio ne~”means a Commi~sioaerappoin-
    ted under section 5 ;
    (c) ”Government” means the State Government1
    (4 “law ” includes any rule, by-law, legplation,
    notification, scheme, form or order;
    (e) ‘?ocal arzaWmeansone or; more revenue districts
    or part of a revenue district as may be specified in (he
    notification under section 6.
    *ForStatement of Objects ancl Reasons, see Tom2 Nadu Governnze~r
    Gazettte Extraordinary, dated the 4th February 1980, Part IV-.
    Section 1, Page 18.
    125-1 2-7A
    IAbotition of
    Board of
    Powers of
    Board of
    Revenue and
    Member of
    Board of
    Revenue tobe
    the . Govern-
    ment or App-
    100 Board of Revenue Abolition t1980: ‘II.N. Act 36
  3. Tbe Board of Revenue in the State of TamilNadu is
    hercby abolished. .
  4. (1) The jurisdiction and powersvested in and duties
    parformed by thc Board 6;’ Reveuue cr any Member 0.r
    the Board of Revenue immediately before the date of
    the commencement of this Act, by or under any law,
    shall be vested in, and performed by-
    (i) the Government; or
    (ii) the Commissioner;or
    (iii) any officer not below , the rank of Addim1
    secretary to Government ;or
    iv any other officer not below the rank of
    District (dollector;
    as nay be specxed by the Government, by notzcation
    in this behalf in respect of such matters, and with effect
    from such date, as may be specified therein. –

(2) The Government may, in like manner, modify ,
or cancel any authorisation made under sub-section (1).
Explanution.–For the purpose of this section, the ju-
risdiction and powers vested in, znd the duties performed
by any Member of the Board of Revenue shall include
the jurisdiction and powers vested in and’ ,the duties
performed by such Member either in the dapacity of the ” \;
Member of the Board of Revenue as such,or by virtue 4
“( Ib
of an authorisation made by or under any law;

  1. (1) For purpose of authoris
    Appointmmt Commissioners.Of 4, the Government may, by notifica
    more officers as Commissioner or
    with such designation as may be specified. -A .,
    Vesting of
    ~)owersin the to exexcise any of the powers vested
    Or for the time being in foxe in any
    (other than the Board of Revenue) un
    the Government and also specify the
    which such powers may be exercised.

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