Canals, Public Ferries, Vessel, Channel, Line of Navigation, Public Ferry

An Act to make better provision for the
establishment of Canah and Public Ferries
in the ‘[State of Tamil Nadu] and for the
management thereof.
WHTCRRASit i~ ospedienl to ~ni~ltol~cttcrprovision
for the establishmoat of canals and public ferries in
the ‘[State of Tamil Nadu] and for the lnanagrment
thereof ; It is enacted as follows I-
I.This Aot may be called the ‘[Tamil Nadu] Canals
Short title
and 10-1
and Public Ferries Act, 1890.
It extends to the whole of the ‘[State of Tamil
These words’were substituted for the word “Madras ” by
Che Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969,as amended by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendment) Order,
1969, whioh came into force on the 14th January 1969.
For Btatomont of Objoot~and Ronsolln ~ccPort Ocorge ffasetlc
Supplomo~it,datod tho 3rd Decombcrr 1889, p. 3 ;for Report of
the Select Committee, see ibid, dated the 25th February 1890,
p. 1;for Procoodings in Council, 8es ibid, dated tho 28th January
1890, p. 2 and ibid,dated tho 1st Arril 1690, p. 3.
This Act was extended to the mcrged Stato of Pudukkottai by
section 3 of, and the First Scliedulo t,t, t,lie Tamil Nadu Morgcd
States (Laws] Act, 1949 (Tamil Nndu Aft XXXV of 1940).
Thi~Apt wns extonded to tho ICanyakumari district and the
Shonoottah ialuk of the Tirunelvoli d.~tl~ct by section 3of, and
tho Piret Schcdule to, tho Tamil Nadu (Transferrod Territory)
Extension of Laws Act. 1060(Tamil Xndu Act 23 of 3901)), which
carno into force on the JutApril 1981 rcpcaling the cor~.osponding
law in t$at tcrrritory.
Thin expressio;, was substituted for the oxpression “Prwi.
denoy of Madras by tlio Tamil Nedu Adaptation of Lawe
Order, 1970, which was deemed to havo coma intoforoo on the
14th January 19603 ‘,
&, ‘\
P 1890 :T.N. Act 111 Canals and ‘PublicTerries 407

  1. [Repeal.] Rep., by the Repealing and Amending
    Act, 1901 (Central Act XI of 1901).
  2. In this Act “vessol ” include^ any ahip, Large, Dofijlitioln.
    boat, raft, timber, bamboos or flocting materi~ls
    propelled inany manner :
    ” channel ” inoludes any waterway, whether
    natural or criificisl :
    “line of navigation ” lileans any ni,vigsble
    channel, or :,cries of aonneoted navigable ck~nnels:
    “cc,nitl” mews aline of nlbvigtitiun dcclr,rad to
    bo :,ubjcct to the provision:; of th:, Act :
    “ferry “mews r, pl: ce nt which goocl.,.: ~iii~~;cl:,
    or piissengcrs arc con3l:ycd t.cro:s i, h;,lui(hlGy meailfi
    bhereto ‘
    $ n fcmy declared to bc subject
    of vcssc4s :
    I’ public fcr1.y
    to tho proviajh any vbtionc.; 9 to 18 of this Aot].
    ‘ 9 of any
  3. The ‘[~tatcclo.-t,]nmont] may, by nolifi~ation
    in the ‘[Offickl Gnzotto], dcclare any line of navi- to any lirle
    @tion to be :;ubject to tho provisions of this Act from of rieliga-
    a date to bo named in such notification, snd may in tion&
    like m?nner ci\ncel or modify any snch notification.
    ‘[5. All vcasols 11~;inga c;nn;il shidl bo eithur v”ssels to bo
    registered 01
    licensed or segihterc-da:,the ‘[St;cte Govornmc:nt] may lic,sc,l
    directed by


dire& :]
1These words anJ figures wero substituted for the words “this
Act “by section 2 of the Canals and Public Ferries (Amendment)
Act, 1941(Madras Act XX of 1941). This Act was permanently
re-onacted by section 2 of, and the Birst Schedule to, the Tamil
Nadu Re-cneciod and Rcpnling (No. I)Act, 1948 (Tamil Ndu
Act VII of 1948).
a Tho words “Provincial Government ” woro substituted for
the words ” Go\rernor in Cou~lcil” tythe Adaptation Order of
1937 and tho word “Btato “wns substituted for “Provincial” by
tho Adaptation Ordor of 1080.
1 These words were substituted for the words ” ll’ort St. George
OIOzeOe “by the Adaptntior, Order of 1937.
‘This section wan substituted by Madras Act II of 189s.
section 1.408
Canalsand Public Ferries [I890 : T.N.A.t.11
‘[Provided that the 2[State Government] m%y
exempt from the operation of this section all 01, any
vessels or clmses of vessels using a canal or portion
of a canal.]

  1. The ‘[State Governmentlmay from time to tin:^–
    Power to
    fix fees end (a)fix rates of fees payable for the licensing or
    of registration of vesseIs ;
    and to eatablbh
    (b)establish stations at which tolls shall be levied
    on vessels passing along a ccnal or on pssseng~rs,
    vehicles, animrll:, or goods landed therefrom, and
    fix the r~,tesof suci tolls ;
    (c) fix few for the use of publio landing places,
    wl~arves,piom, jetties, dockri, b Gns, lie-byes, sidings,
    sheds or ware-houses provkled for tho aooommodation
    of vessel*;using a canal or of goods or passtngers
    carried or to be oarried thereon and for demurrage
    on vessols or goocls detained therein.
    A notification of such tolls or fees under claufiea
    (b)~nd(c) of this section shall be exhibited to public
    view in Xngiiah and in the vernacular 1a.nguageof the
    district at the place8 where such tolls or fees are

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