Catering Establishment, Child, Employee, Employer, Family, Inspector,
Leave, Period of work, Registration Certificate, Residential Hotel, Restaurant,
Spread Over, Wages, Week, Young Person

[~~~ii~ed the assent of the President on the 1st July 1958;
first published in the Fort St. George Gazette on the
9th July 1958 (Asadha 18, 1880).]
An ~ctto provide for the regulation of conditioos of
work in catering esta%lishmenls and for certain
other purposes in the 3[State of Tamill Nqdu].
Wmm~it ij expzdiezt to provide for :’2:. re-gistionof
conditions of wor?: in catzring establiC~msnts and fur
certainother purposesin the ”is!ate of Tamil Nadu].
~fiit ena:ted inthe Ninth Year ofthe 1tcr1ublic of India ,
as follows :-

  1. (I) This Act bz called th ‘parnil Nadu] short title,
    Catering Establishcnents Act, 1958.
    (3It extends to .the ivhvhole of the 3[Stnte of Tamil
    (3) (a) It shall come into force on
    State G~vexnmentmay,by notificati~r.,appoint-

    (i) in the City of Madrr;s ;

    ., 4[(i-~)in the City of Madufdi as d<efined
    (9) of section2 of the Madurai City Municipal Co
    ~ct,1971~amilNaduAct15of1971)]; –
    ,: (ii) in all ~th6mr;nicipqlidesc
    l[Tamil Nadu] District Municipalities
    .d~l v of 1920), and under the Trava ~i~i~aliti~s Act, 1116 (Travancore Act
    qhcsc words were substituted,’for the wor
    Tan+l Nzdu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, a

For Statomcnt of Objects i&i Ronsi,ns, see Fort
Thi3 A-C~was to the added territories by se’ctio
and tk First Schcdul2 to,. the -Tamil Nadu Added
Extcfision of Laws (NO.2) Ad, 1961 (Tz
repealingthe corresl)onding law in force in t
qhiq exprcs.;ion was substituted for the
Madras” by the Tamilxildu Adaptation of Laws
.aplonde&liy the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (
merit) Order, 19690
pages 1l@111
t~a~r~Iir.aiy, dated pthe 25th October 1957, 4This item Was inserted by section2(1) of Egtab\ishments (Amendment) Act, 1975 (Ta *amc into force onthe 8th April 1959 i daU3e(a) of sub-section (3) of section 1. +.jib Catering l~ablishnzenrs[I 938:T.N. Act ~a

l[(ii i) in all areas within tho juc-i,djcljoll of-
(~4)pancllayats which ,Ire cliissified or deenled
to have been cIassified as town panchayats under ihc
Tamil Nadu Panchayats Act, 1958 (Tamil Nadu Act
XXXV of 1958) including town panchayats reconstitoted
under that Act.

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