Validation of Marriage

An Act ,to validate certain marriages solemnized in the
districts of Nellore and Chirglepat.
JWH~Sthe Ststate Governrnmt] granted licences
und’ef section 9 of theIndian Cl~ristianMarriage Act, 1872 .
‘[Central Act XVof 1872) to Sri Eragudla Devadoss of the
‘American Baptist Tclugu Mission in the district of Nell-re
:onthe27th dayof April 1936,and tothe Rev. Ja,.-. Ponnu-
radgam df the Church of Messiah inthe district of Chingle-
put on the 18th day of November 1941 :
‘AND WHIRBAS tht: 8[State Goveriim~nt] revoked the
licence of the said Sri Eragudla Devadoss with effect
‘ orl and fro111 ihc 7t h day of September 1950 and the licence
of the said Rev. James Ponnurangam with effect on and
.from the 12th day of November 1346 :
AND WHBRBAs in ignorance of the revocation of the
licencesaforesaid,the said SriEragudla Devadosscontinued
to solemnipe marriages and to grant certificates of marriage
up to the’.l9th day of October 1951, on which date a
fresh licence was granted to him under the said section 9 ;
and the said. Rev. James P~nnuranga~msolemnized a

  • marriage between Sri R. Devadoss and Srimathi M.Orace
    Pushpa on the 19th day of August 1949 and granted a
    certificate of marriage to them 8
    AND WHBRBAS there is no reason to doubt that the
    parties to the mariiage~rpferrrd to in the ibregoing para-
    graph believed in good faith that their marriages had been
  • —- —
    IThese words were substitutedfor the word “Madras ” by the
    Tamil Nadu Adaptati~nof Laws Order, 1969 as amended by the
    Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendment) Order, 1969.
    2For Statement cd Objects and Reasons, see Fort. St. George
    ~bzette,dated the 8tI2October 1 952, Part W-A, Pages 68-69.
    8This expression was substituted~forthe expression “Governma
    dMadras” by the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1910.duly solemnized, and the certificates thereof duly granted.
    by persons lcgaily entitled so to do ;
    ANDWHBRBASit is necessary that the marriages afore-
    said and all czrtificates granted, and all otber aots @
    things done, inrjsgect of, or inrelation to, sue5marriages,
    should be valida.ted ;It is hereby enacted as follows :
    Short title I. This Act may b, called the ‘[Tamil Waduj Christian
    Marriage!; Valictation Act, 1952.

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