Added Territories, Cultivating Tenant, Fair Rent, Garden Land, Landowner,
Normal Gross Produce in Respect of any Land, Rent Court

These words were substituted for the word “Madras “by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amended by *he
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws(SecondAmendment) Order,1969.
This Act was extended to the ‘added territories by section 5 of
the Tamil Nactu Culrivating Tenan!s Pro’ection and Payment of
Fair Rent (Extension to Added Territories) Act, 1963 (Tamil Nadu
Act 33 of l963), repealing the corresponding law in force in those
Notwit hstauding anythiug contained in this Act the provisions
of this Ad sl~allappiy to any mottuvaramdar under a landowner,
: . who
shall be deemed to be a cultivating tenant .wlthm,the meanidgof this
~ctby virtue of section 7 (a) of the T~ruchuappllrKaiacmvatam and
Mattuvaram Act, 1958 (Tamil Nadu Act XXXVI of 1958). -1 I a
more thanten aores.ofwet land and such a w#I&(I~~w&~
@618 Cultiviiling Tetlants [1%6 ;T.N. Act XXIV
(Prryment of Fair Rent)
An Act to provide for the payment of Fair Rent by CuIH-
v ating Tenants in certain arms in the ‘[Stak ofTamil Nadg]. ,
WHEW it is expedient to provide for the payment of
fair rent by cultivating tenants in certain areas in* the ‘
‘[State of Tamil Nadu] .
Ba it enactetl in the Seventh Year of the Republic of
India as follows :–

  1. (1) This Act may be called the zvarnil NadS Culti-
    shoit extenttit’sand
    commrre vating Tenants (Payment of Fair Rent) Act, 19 6.
    (2) It extend to the whole of the I[ State of Tamil
    ‘ Nadu] other than the araasto which the Malaba~Tenancy
    Act,’ 1929 (?milNadu] Act XIV of 1930), extends,

nelvdi district,it shall come into force onthe 2ndMar&
4[Provided further that in the added territories, it
shallacomeinto force on the datc on which the ep’amil
Nadu] Cultivating Tenants Protection ind Papent of
Fair Renr (Extension to Added Territories) Act, 1963
is first published in the Fort St. George Gazette.] 1 This expressiol~wls substituted for the expression “Stare d Madras:’ by the Tslmii Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amended by the Tamil Nadu Adaptaticm of Laws (Second Am&- mat) Order, 1969. 9 These words were rubstituted for the word “Madras” by tb Tamd Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amnded by the TamilNadu ~daptationaf Lws(Second Amendment) Order, 1969. 8This provis~was added by section 3(i) ofthe Tamil Nadu Culti- vat ing Tenants Pratection aidPayment of Fair Kellt (Anxndment j Acts1961 (Tamil Nadu Act 32 of 19611, whiih war doem& to have come irJo force Jn r he :r,l March 1959,
4Wpr~viwwsddiifi jy ~ii~a l(i1 drhe Tarnil Xa& CUlti-
Twats PrL~reclionand Pagrnznr of Fair Rcnt (ExtensiOa
toAdded Territories) Act. 1953 (Tamil Nab Act 33 of 1963).
*Now$he Tarnil Nadu Gover~metziGazefte.

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