Cultivating Tenant, Cultivation, Holding, Land, Landlord, Revenue Divisional

Tail Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amended by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendment) Order,
aFor Statement of Objects and Reasons, see Port St. George Gazette,
Part IV-A, dated the 3cd August 1955, Page 145.
This Act was extended to the Sheneottah taiuk of the Tirunelvcli
district by section 2 of the Tamil Nadu Cultivsrtir~g Tenants Protection
and Payment of Fair Rent (Extension to Skencottah taluk) Act,
1939 (Tamil Nadu Act 2& of 1959) repealing the corresponding law
in force in that taluk.
This Act wc~s extended to the added territories by section 5 of the
Tatnil Nadu Cultivrr ting Tena nts Protectirrn and Payment of FairRent
(Extension to Adde i Territories) Act, i25.t t.TaLriil iqadu Act 33 of .
1963) repealing the corresponding law in force in those territories,
This Act was ex ;ended to the Kanyrtkumari district by section 4
of the Tamil Nadu C~iltiv’tting Tenants Protection and Payment of Fair Rent (Extension to Kanyakumari District) Act, 1972 (Tamil Nadu Act 4 of 1976) rzi3ealing tile c:)~.r+:spo;~cli:?g lawin force in that
Notwithstanding a~yt hi ng contained in this Act the provisions of
this Act shall apply to ally mattuvaramdar under a land owner who
owns more than tell acres of wet land and sucI~ a rnattuvaramdur
shall be deemed to be a cultivating tenant within the meaning of &is
Act. Any rncrttuvnrclmd~!v under a landowner referred to in sub-section
(2) 3f section 9 of the Tiruchirappalli Kaiaeruvaram and Mattuvaram
~ct, 1958 (Tamil Nadu Act XXXVX of 1958), whose engagement had not been terminated under that sub-section, was entitled to
continue as a mattrrvar~mrhr on the same terms immmriiately before
the cnmmencement of the stlid Act, and this Act shall as far as my
be apply to him as if hc were a cultivating tenant. Please see section 7
of Tarnil Nadu Act XXXVI of 1958.
BY virtue of section 8 (0 of the Tiruchirappalli Kaiaeruvaram
and Mattwvaranl Act, 1958 (Tamil Nadu Act XXXVI of 1958) any proweding under this Act, disposed of on or :?fter the 1st January 1957 and bcftrrtl the :ornrntrlcernr=nt oi’ the 4sid i-2rnil Nadu Act
XXXVI of 1955, on thc _:round that the said 195s Act did not apply
to any mnttuvnrnnzdar. was entitled to be reopened ant1 disposed in accord: 7C(= with lllis Act as if he were a cultivillil~t;: teil~~nt.

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