Cultivating Tenant, Landlord, Malabar Tenancy Act, Public Trusts Act,
Tenants Protection Act

Act, unless the context otherwise requires,-
(a) “cultivatitg tenant “means -.
(i) a cultivating tenant as defined in clause (UP) of .’
seaion 5of the ‘[Tamil Nadu] CultivatingTenants Protee- i
! tion Act, 1955 tl[Tamil Na.du1 Act XXV of 1955) ;or (ii) a cultivating tenznt as defined in clause (5) of section 2 dthe ‘[Tamil Nadu] Public Trusts (Regulation
of Administratio nof Agricultural Lands) Act, l961(L[Tamil
Nadul Act 57 of 19611 : and
includes a cultivating verumpattamdar asdefined in sub-
clause (b)of clause (29) bfsection 3 of the Malabe* Ten-.’
ancy Act, 1929 (‘[Tamil Nadu] Act XiV’of’l93~)I;
(b) “1jndlord “* means a lmdlord as ‘ defined in
otaw (e) 04′ section 2 of,the Tenants Protection At$a, and”
tr t
2 of the Public Trusts Act, and
3: of the Malnbar TenanICY Act ;
(i) a publictrust as definedin clause (25) of &$ion,
(ii) a landlord as clefined in clause (1 9) of ‘sedi0n
I (c) ”Malabar Tenancy Act ” means the MalPbar .: Tenancy Act, 1929 (‘[Tamil Nada] Act XIV of 1930) d :.,.#.l.~,a” –
1 Thew words were substituted for the word “Madras yp by the’
famil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, lY69,as amend& by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendment) &da,
” ‘in
sts Act ” means the 1[Talxjl Nadu]
tion of Administ1ation of ~g~ icul-
(l[TarnilNadu] Acl 57 ~f1461);
nants Protection A& “meas the ‘[Tamil
ting Teoants Protection Act, 1955 (‘[Tamil
Act XXVof 1935);
I. …
.. I
u) all other words and expressions used, but uo
ed,in this Act and defined in .the Tenants Pr oteciisa
or in the Public Ttusts Act or in the Malabar Tenancy
shallhave the same meaning ?sin the Te~antsP~otec-
n Act or in the Public “rius~sAct or in the w.labar
ancy Act, as the case mzy be.

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