Holding of Land in Estates, Agriculture, Collector, Holding, Improvement,
Land Holder, Pay, Private Land, Rent, Revenue Field, Ryot, Ryoti Land,
Village, Tahsildar

ACT, 1908.
1 Short title.
2 [Omitted.]
3 Defhitions.
4 Landholder’s right to colleot rent.
6 Rent to be a first charge upon the holding and prodnoe
6 Occupanoy right in ryoti land,
6-A Ryot becoming landholder, ijaradar or farmer of rent.
7 Reservation of mining rights.
8 Merger of occupancy right.
9 Right of landholder to eject a ryot.
10 Occupancy right heritable and trasaferable.
11 Use of land by the ryot.
12 Right of ryot totrees in holding.
13 Right of occupancyryot to make animprovement.
14 [Omitted.]
i~hesewords were substituted for .the word “Madras” by tho Tamil Nadu
Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as
amended by the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of
Laws (SeoondAmendment)Order, 1969,which came into force on the 14th January
ESTATE@LBNDf 1908 : T.N. Act I]
Ztstates Land
16 Power of Collector tosettlequestions connected with improve-
16 Registration of landholder’s improvement.
17 Application to record evidence as to improvement.
17-A Landholder’s right to enter on and measure land.
18 Saving as to improvements made in ordinary course of
19 Relations of ryots and landholders with their tenants.
20 Collector to decide whether land is communal land or not and
the customary rights in such land.
20-8. Power of District Collector to divert disused communal
20-B Power of District Collector to acquire land for communal
21 Eviction of persons occupying communal lands contrary
to rule.
22 Application of provisions of Tamil Nadu Land Encroach-
ment Act to orders under section 21.
23 Presumption that inam villages are esvtates.
24 Restriction on enhancement.
26 Rent payable on admission to possession of ryoti land after
commencement of Act.
Saving as to receipt of premium.
26 Enhancement of rent originally fixed at a lower rate in
consideration of bringing waste land inta ci~ltivationor of
making improvement upon the holding.536
Eatatea Land
11908 : T.N. Act I
27 Presumption as to amount of rent and conditionsof holding.
28 Presumption as to fair rate of rent.
29 Waxam rates not liable to enhancement.
30 Enhancement of rent by application.
31 Rules as to enhancement of rent on the ground of a rise
in prices.
32 Rules rtstoenhancement of rent ontheground of landholder’s
33 Rules as to enhancement of rent on the ground of improve-
cnent by the Government.
34 Rules as to enhancement of rent on the ground of fluvial
36 Enhancement of rent to be fair and equitable.
36 Power to order enhanoernent to be gradual.
37 Limitation of time to bring successive applications f t
enhancement of rent.
38 Reduction of rent by application.
39 Limitation of time to bring successive applications for
reduction of rent.
39-ARemission of rent by application.
40 Commutation by suit of rent payable in kind.
41 Prohibition against enhancement or reduction of rent for
twenty years after commutation.

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