Area of Operation, Ayacut Road, Canal System, Command Area, Drainage
System, Farmers Organisation, Field Channel, Field Drain, Government
Source, Hydraulic Basis, Irrigation System, Land, Maintenance, Operational
Plan, Rotational Water Supply, Territorial

An Act ro provide for Farmers ‘participation in the Management oflrrigation Systems
andfor matlers connected therewith or incidental fherefo.
WHEREAS the State of Tamil Nadu is essentinlly an agricultural Slate depending on
eficienl and equilable supply and distribution of maler, which is a Nalional wealth ensuring
optimumutilisatjon by farmers for improvement of agricultural produclion;
AND WHEREAS itis essential to promoteand securedistributionofwater amongits users,
adequatemaintenance oflhe irrigation system, eficient a]td economicaIutilsation of water to
optimize agricuIturalproduc~ion,by involvingthefarmersand inculcating asenseof ownership
of the irrigation system in them in accordance \via thc water budget and the operational plan;

  1. AND WHEREAS scientific and systcmntic dcvclopment and maintenance of irrigation
    infrasmcture is considered best possible through farmers organisations;
    AND WHEREAS such farmers organisati~nshave to be given an effective role in the
    management and maintenance of thc irrigation system Tor effec:ive and reliable supply and
    distribution of water.
    BEit enacled by the Legislative Assembly of the Stale of Tamil Nadu in IheFifty-firstYearof
    tlie Republic of India as follows:-
  2. (1; This Act maybc called ~I~eTarnilNaduFarmers’ Managcment oflrrigaljon Systems Short title.

Act, 2000.
(2) Lr cs[erlds lo the whole of llle Smcof Talllit Nadu.
(3) 1 Ishnll come into forccon suchdateas t!?cGovernm.en~may, bynotification, appoint
i – aud dirrcrc~~t dnlcs maybcappointed for differcnt arcils and Tor diifcrctl t prb, ..,ions ofthis .lrt.

  1. InIllis Act, unless the contesl othenvise rcquircs,-
    (n) ‘Apcs Commilrec’ Illcans the Apes Comnlillee constituted under section 12;
    (b)’area of operation’ in relation to a farn~crsorganisation nleans a contiguous block
    ol’la~ldin [lie conlrnand arca as the Governnlent may, by notification ,specify in rllis behalf;
    (c) ‘ayacul rond’ mciins a road will~intlic arca of opcralion, but does not include any
    road vest cd innVillagePanchag~r.PnncI~a?~a! Union,Town Panchayat, Municipality,Municipal
    Corporalion and Highways;
    (i) iii;iir~c;~n;~ls. br;l~icllcatinls. distribtlloricsand walcr courses construcled for the
    SIIIJ;III~! . ~lis~ril?lio~~ ol’~v:ilcrjar irfigi~lio~i.

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