Abet, Barrister, Document, Financial Year, Good Faith, Immovable Property,
Imprisonment, Judicial Proceeding, Local Authority, Movable Property, Oath,
Offence, Public, Public Nuisance

An A!:t for further shortning the language used in
3(Tamil Nadu Acts) and for other purposes.
WHEREASit is expedient to further shorten the
language used in 3(Tamil Nadu Acts) made and to
make certain further prr,visions relating to th’ose
Acts ; It is hereby enacted as follows :-
sort time. 1. (a)This Act may be called the ‘(Tamil Nadu)
General Clauses Act, 1891 ;and
aommencemenk (b) It shall come into force on the first day of
,,, .lau,. 2. Notwithstanding mything contained in the Tmi, Nad,
Ja,nuary 1892.
(Tamil Nadu) General Clauses Act, 1867, the pro- A,, I of
visions of that Act shall not apply to this Aot 1867. a
or to any *(Tamil Nadu Act) which may be passed
subsequent to the commencement of this Aot.
1These words were substituted for the word “Madres ” by the
Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Ordor, 1969, os emended by the
Tamil Nadu Adeptation of Laws (Seaond Amendment) Ordi.r,
1969, which came into force on the 14th January 1969.
a For Statomont of Objocts and Roasons, see Fort St. (Xeorgs
aozette Supploment, dated the 3rd March, 1891, p. 6;for Report of
the Select Committee, see ibid, datod 10bh idem, p. l ;for Procee-
dings in Council, see ibid, dated the loth idem, p. 2, end ibid, dated
the 7th April 1891, p.1.
This Act wes exknded to the merged State of Pudukkottd
by section 3 of, and the First Sohedub to, the Tamil Nadu Merged
States (Laws) Act, 1949 (Tamil N8du Act XXX.v of 1949).
This Act was extended to the Ksnyakumsri district and the
Shencottah taluk of the Tirunelveli district by section 10 of the
Tamil Nadu (Transferred Territory) Extension of Laws Act, 19130
(Tamil Nadu Act 23 of 1960), which came into force on the 1st
April, 1961 repeeling the corresponding law in that territory.
a This expression wae substituted for the expression
Aets ” by paragraph 3 of, end the Schedule to, the Tamil K8dU
Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969,- tumnded by the Tamil Nedu
Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendment) Order, 1969.
4 This expression was substituted for the -xr-ssion ‘I Madra8
Aot” by &id.1891 :T.N.Act I] General Cla,wes

  1. In this Act and in every ‘(Tamil Nadu Aot) i)ofinitions,
    made after the commencement of this A&, unless
    there be something repugnant in the subjeot or
    (1) rc abet ” with its grammatical variationsrd~bet,’.
    and cognate expressions, shall have the Bame meaning
    as in the Indian Penal Code :
    (2) “barrister “shall mean a barrister of England cr~arrister’..
    or Ireland or a member of the Faculty of Advocates
    in Scotland :
    (4) ‘(Chapter,” “p&,” “section” and “schednle” lgOhagter”,
    ahall mean respectively a Chapter, parti and section ::g:ii;n,.
    of, and schedule to, the Act in which the word (dscheduley).
    occm :
    (6) “City of Mtkh8” mean such lo4<<aityof
    area as is declared &om time to time to be the City bfadras”.
    of Madras under any Act for the time being in foroe
    relating to the municipal affairs of such oity :
    (6) collector” shaII include every officer who, d.goUeotor*v.
    for thetime being, is authorized toexercise the powers
    of a Colleotor :
    (7) “commenoemenb,” used wifh referenoe to arcommjnoe-
    Act, ahall mean the time at which the Act comes menb”.
    into form :

of a distriot :

(8) “Distriob Collector” shall mean the ohiefg*District
.local officer in oharge of the revenue administration Colleotor”.
1 Thie expmesion was mbtituted for the expmmioncrMadm
&at ” by paregraph 3 of, and the Sohedule to, the Tamil Nada
Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, w amended by the Tamil Nadr
Adaptation of Lawe (Seoond bcndmsnt) Order, 1969.
2 Clause (3) wm omittdd by the Adaptetion Order of 1937.”Fi~~nckl
year .
“Good faith”.
General Clawes
[I891:T.N. Act I
(9) “document” shall mean any matter expressed
or described upon any substance by means of let-,
iipesor marks,or by more than one of those mew,
intended to be used, or which may be used, asevidence
of that matter :

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