Adult, Child, Competent Authority, Domestic Weaver, Employee, Employer,
Handloom Industry, Independent Weaver, Industrial Premises, Inspector,
Lay-off, Master Weaver, Powerloom, Private Dwelling House, Retrenchment,
Young Person

4sAct toprovide for the welfare of the workers in the hand-
loom industry and to regulate the corzditions of their work
and-security of their employment and for certain other
1 ‘*.
follows :-
!tncittets cdnnected therewith.
BEit edacted by the Legislature of the State of Tamil Nadu
ifi the ihirty-second Year of the Republic of India as
1, (1) ThisAct may be ca iled the Tamil Nadu Handloom Short title,
Workers (Couditions Z~i~loyaer t and Miscellaneous extent and
I +.. . . . *-
Provisions) Act, 1981.

  • commence-
    (2) It extendsto the-wlioleof the State of Tamil Nadu.
    . ..
    r.; (3 It shall come-intpfokeon such date asthe Govero-
    ment may, by sotification, appoint ; and different dates
    may be appointed for different areas and for different
    prbvisions of this Act.
    : 2. In t~isAct, unless the context otherwise requires,- Definitions.
    … (a) ‘adult ‘means a person who has completedeighteen
    Tears of ‘age’;

sixteen years of age ;
a *Fbr;Staternen t of Objects and Reasons,see TamilNadu Government
‘Gazette Eixtmordinary, dated the 5th May 1981, Part IV-Section
1, page 556.
(c) ‘competent 6uthority ‘-mea~sany authority autho-
rised by the Government by notification to perform all
+588 Handloom Workers(Conditions [I981′;T.N: Ad.6)
of Employment md MisceJJmeous
or any of the functions of the competent authority
~dertbis Act and for sucb areas as may be. specifUaQ
tberein ;
(d) ‘day ‘ meaus a poriod of twexaiy.fow boutr
beginnitrg at mid-oigbt3
(e) ‘domestic weaver’ means any persm who gp@
raw materials from a master weaver or employer, ad
attends to any operation connected with bandloom weavlo&
whether such operation is carried on in the home, in wbid
sucb worker works or in my other place but dots!
include an independent weaver j
(f) ’employel: ‘ means any person employad in oy
work connected with handloom industryunQr an employ=
and includes a domestic weaver, but excludes as iq&
pende~tweaver, t 2 do any work skilled, unskilled; maad
or clerical ;
(g) ’employer’ means a parson who bas tho ultimab
control over the affairs of any industrialpremises or who
has, by reason of his advancing money, supplyinggoo& or
otherwise, a substantial interest in the control of the qff’h8
of any industrial premises and includes-
(i) any other person to whom the’ affairs of my
industrial premises are entrusted, wbetber such. otbjt
person is called tbe managing agent, ma~nger,sup&.
toadept or by any other name ;and
(ii) a president or a chief executive of any weavorq
co-operative society or a master weaver eowd ~JJ
handloom industry :
(h) ‘Government ‘masas the Stato C3ovarnooo8+1
(0 a b:-dIoom in&ustry’means an industry wM& b
ens-4in the manufacture or production by a loom, 0th
mapowerloom, of any cloth or fabric or product MU
Includes any process or work pertaining to hazt&oopl
weaving I
0)’independant weavur’ means any person
carries on any weavibg operation in his dwelling pbm-
&es not include a domestic veaver ;
(k)’industrial premises ‘means any place or pre&&I
not being private dwelling house) including the prc-
thereof, in which or in any part of which any type ~f~~dt
g~btingto bandlo~mindustry bwriedon.

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