Charitable Endowment, Hereditary Trustee, Incorporated Devaswoms, Math,
Religious Charity, Religious Endowment, Religious Institution, Specific Endowment,
Temple, Trustee

1 Short title, extent, application and commencement.
2 power to extend Act to Jain Religious Institutions ard Endowments.
3 Power to extend Act to CharitableEndowments.
4 Exemptions.
5 Certain Acts not to apply to Hindu Religious Institutions a3d Endowments.
6 Definitions.
7Constitution of Adviswy Committee.
8 Authorities under Act.
9 Government to appoint Comniissioner, etc.
10 Commissioner, etc., to be Hindus.
11 Commissioner to be Corporation Sole.
12 Commissioner, etc., to be servants of Government.
13 Delegation to Deputy Commissioners.
14 Territorial jurisdiction and powers and duties of Assistant Commissioners.
15 to 20 [omitted].
21 Power of Commissioner to call for records and pass orders.
21-A Powers of Deputy Commissioner to call for records and pass orders.
22 Other powers of Commissioner.
23 Powers and duties of Commissioner in respect: of temples and religious
24 Power to enter religious institutions.
25 Commissioner, etc, to observe appropriate forms and ceremonies.
26 Qualifications of trustees.
27 Trustee bound to obey orders issued under Act.
28 Care required of trustee and his powers.216
Hindu ReZigjum and Charitable
[I959:T.N. Act 22
2 5 Preparation of register for all institutions.
30 Annual verification of the registex.
31 Submission of register once in ten years.
32 Trustee to furnish accounts, returns, ctc.
33 Inspection of property and documents.
34 Alienation ~f irnmo rable trust property.
35 Authority of trustees tcj incur expenditure for securing health, etc., of pilgrims
and worshippers and for training of archakas, etc.
36 Utilization of surplvs funds.
36-A Utilisation of surplus funds for Hindu Marriages.
37 Appeals.
38 Enforcement of service or charity in cases.
39 Power of trustee of math or temple over trustees of specific endowments.
40 Enfranchisement of lands, etc., held by a devadasi on condition of service
aa temple,
41 Resumption and re-grant of inam granted for performance of any charity or
42 Office-holders and servants of religious institutions not to be in possession of
jewels, etc., except under conditions.
43 Commissioner to sanction compromise of legal proceedings.
43-A. Appointment and duties of executive officers in temples undec maths,
44 Sections 45 L” 58 not to apply to maths or specific endownlents attache;. to
45 Appointment and duties of Executive Officers.
46 Commlsslaner to publish l~stof certaln Institutions,
46-A. Constitution of Regional Committees.
47 Trustees and their number and term of office.
47-A. Delegation of powers by Government.
48 Chairinan.
49 Power of Assistant Commissioner to appo~nttn~steesand fit persons.
49-,~Existing trustees in the case of religious institutions first included
in the list under section 46 to cease to hold office.
50 Power under sectlons 47,49 and 494to be exzrcisabls notwithstanding
provision in scheme.
51 Claims of certaln persons to be trustees.
52 Non-hmditary trustees holding officeon the date of hecommencement of
the Act.
53 Power to suspend, remove ordismiss trustees.

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