Words used in the Title Deeds of Inams, Inam Holders

An Act to prevent doubts aa to the true
intent and meanin of oertclin words uaed
in the title-deeds o inams heretofore furni-
shed to inam-holders by the Inam Commis-
sioner of the 3[State of Tamil Nadu], and
to declare the true intent and meaning of
4[Ta,mil Nadu Acts] IV of 1862* and IVof
WHEREAS,under the rules sanctioned by the Local Preamble.
Gbvernment in the year 1859, and published in the
Fort St. George Gazette, dated the 4th October 1859,
for the adjudication and settlement of inam-lands
in the %[Stateof Tamil Nadu], the Inam Commissioner
of the 5rsaid State] is required to furnish inam-holders
with title-deeds in respect of their inams, prepared
according to certain forms prescribed by the said
1These words were substituted for the word ” Madraa ” by
the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amended
by the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendmem$)
Order, 1969, which oame into force on the 14th Janusry 1969.
I Short title, “The EXadr&s rnams Act, 1869 ” was given by
the Repealing and Amending Act, 1901 (Central Act XI of 1901).
8 This orprcssion was substituted for the expression ” Madrag
Presidency ” by the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1970,
which was dournod to have come into force on the 14th January
4 This rxprcssion was substituted fo? the expression “Madras
Aots “by ibid.
6 These words were aubatituted for th. rordr “said Prori-
dmoy “by ibid.
TheTamil Nadu Enfrmchhd Inam Aot, 1862.
** TheTemil Nedu EnfrmohhdIrumrAot, 1866.Inams
[I869 :T.N. Act VIII
document ; and whereas the terms of the titledeeds
so prepared appear in many cases to convey a more
extensive right than was intended to be given or
than collld bo logdly givon ;and whereas it is appre-
hended that the terms of the title-deeds may be so
construed as to affect the rights and interests whioh
other persons may have in lands from which the
inams are derived or drawn, in cases where inam-
holders do not possess the proprietary right in the
soil, but only the right of receiving the rent or tax
payable to Government in respect of the inam-lands
as transferees of the Government, and it is therefore
expedient to remove dldoubts as to the true intent
and meaning of the words used in the said title-deeds ;
end whcrccls the words ”land” and ”lands” are used
in fpamil Nadu Acts] IVof 1862″ end IVof 1866**
in connexion with insms in a sense not applicable
to inams, and it is expedient to explain the true
intent and meaning of such words in the said Acts ;
It is enacted as follows :-

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