Collector, Estates Land Act, Inam, Inam Land, Settlement

Act for the lev of fall assessment on certain inam lands
in the 8[State of Tamil Nadu.]
REAS it is expedient to provide for the 1.sof full sment on certain inam lsnds in the 8[State of Tamil BEit enc ted in the Sevcnt:h Year of the Republic of India

  1. (1) This Act m:y b: cllled the l[T.arnil Nsdu] Inams Short title i
    and cum-
    (2j It sh9.11 be besmsd to h?ve comeinto force on t b
    (Assessment) Act, 1956.
    1st dsy of July 1956.
  2. In this Act, rtnl~ssthe context othmwise requires,– ~efiniti.,ns.
    (a) “Collector ” means a Revenue Divisional
    Officer and includes sny person appointed by the State
    Government whether by nAme or in virtue of his office,
    to exercise any of tltc Func:ions of 2. Collector under this
    Act ; –
    (b) Est~.tesL3.nd Act ” means the ‘[Tamil Naaui
    Estates L?nd Act, 1908 (‘[Tamil N?.du] Act I of 1908) ;
    cc in?lll” lllezns en inqm land as d.efined in
    and iacllldes zn nssibnment of land icvenuc of?
    such inaln 1311d ;

  • _–
    1These words were substituted for the word “Madras” by the
    Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amended by the
    Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendment) order, 1969.
    2 For Statement of Objects an6 Reasons, see 3ort St. George
    Gnzette, Part IV-A, dajed the 5th December 1956, pages 245-246.
    8 This cxprersion was substituted for the expre-ion #’State of
    Madras” by the Tamil Nadu Atlaptiltion of Laws Order, 1969, as
    amended by I he Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second mend-
    tnent) Order, 1969.—
    6% rn~&(kssctssmenr) [IYS~: T.K. ket
    (d)”in,b.m12,nd. ” m:ponsany ltnd th: grant of which
    ia inom h2.s b~enrnldc, confirrncd or recognized by thc
    Govament and inc;ljides any insin collstituthg an estate
    under the Est~.tesLiad Act, b!lt docs 1%~: i~lclldc-
    (i) ally estate to which th-;.provisions of the ‘[~ernil
    Nadu] ~str.tfs(Abolition and Conversion irlto Ryotwari)
    Act, 1948 (l[Tamil W?du] Act XXVI of 194S), apply or
    may b: applied ;
    (ii) any ryoti ilrtd, th9.t is to s:ij, ~iilycultivable
    13.d in an held by a person othw rkdn the land
    holder ;
    (iii) any i?nd grmted by a i:!ndii~lder on service
    tenure either free of rent tr on favo~tr:~blerates of reM if
    granted before ti ~ep~ssingof the Eststcs 1d’:ntL Act or free
    of rent if granted after that dm, so long ;IS the s:rvice
    tenuse subsists ;
    (iv) b:ds arid blrllds of titl~ksand of supply, dr~i-
    n:tge surplus or irrig:!&ion ch~.i~neis;
    (v) thrcslling floor, cattle st:!nd s, visites an(‘
    other lands which rrc set apart io: !Irc c:olnrnntl use of the
    villagers ;
    (vi) wilste Ltnds and f’o~ests .
    Exp1matlm.-The exprcssi~n ‘ldrldholder ‘ sha11
    have the meaning ~5sibnedto it ill clause (5) of section 3
    ofthe Estates L?nd Acl.
    (e) ”s<:ttlzment ” includes roseitfcrn~nt.
  1. (1) Nolwithstanding anyihing con:ainsd in any
    engapm:m, con~racl,grant or eny 1iw for the time b~inb
    in force, IL -hdl bz I?.wful for thl: S~lnicGovG~nmclltto
    Lsvy of

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