Employer, Industrial Establishment

An Act to.provide for the conferment of peraanent status
to workmen in the industrial establishinents he
State of Tcnril Nodu.
Bgit enacted bj mi: hgklature of tne State of Tamil
Nadu in the Thirty-second Year of ti113 Republic of h&a
as follows :-
sEioi;t title,
oation and

  1. (1) This Act may be ,called the Tamil Nadu Indust-
    rial Establishments (Conferment of Permanent Status
    to Workmen) Ac!, 1981.
    (2) It extends to tk- .xrhnie of the State of Tamil
    (3) It applies to every industrial establishment (not
    being an establishment of a seasonal charncter or in which
    work is perforlned on!y inrermittentlj) iu which not less
    than fifty workmen were employed on aoy day of tae
    prece.ling twt:lvc morths. If any question anses whether
    an !n.iustrizl establisbmerrt ii:of a sezsonal character or
    whether woxk IS performed therein only intermittently,
    the decision of the Govornxwnt thereal- shall be
    provided that the Goverllment may, by notificatioo,
    apply the provisions of this Act to any industrial estab-
    lishment emplojring such number of wozkmcn less tnan
    wty as may be specified in the notification.
    (4) It shall come into force on such &to as fie
    aovernmetrt may. by ~otificatioo, appoint :
    Rovided that nothing contained in tbis Act shall apply
    lo any industrial establishment uotil tbe expiry of a period

of two years from tbe date of its establishment.

  • or Statement of Objeots and Reasons, see Tamil~d
    ~ovmatQuzette Extraordinary, dated the 20th April 1981,
    put IV-swtion1, page $22.1982 :’ T, N. Aet 461 tndustrial EstabZishshment,g $4 3
    (Confermat of Permanent
    Status to Workmen)
  1. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,- Definitions*
    (1) “employer” means the owner of an industrial
    establisbmerlt to which tbis Act for the time being applies
    and include-,,–
    (a) in a factory, any person named under clause
    of nub-section (I) of section 7 of the Factories Act,
    $(&8 (C’cntral Act LXIII of 1948) as maurgcr of’ LI10
    factory ;
    ,I. . .a:.
    3 ?. .
    (b) in any industrial establishment under the
    control of any department of any State Government
    in India, the authority appointed by sucf State Govern.
    ment in this behalf, or where no authority is so appointed,
    the head of the department ;
    (c) in any other industrial establishment, any
    person responsible to the owner for the supervision-and
    control of the industrial establishn~ent;
    (2) “Government” means the State Government ;
    (3) “industrial establishment” means-
    (a) a factory as defined in clause (m)of section 2
    of the Factor~esAct, 1948 (Central Act LXIII of 1948)
    or any place which is deemed to be a factory under sub-
    section (2) of section 85 of that Act ; or
    (b) a plantation as defined in clause (f) of section
    2 of the Plantations Labour Act, 1951 (Central Act LXIX
    of %951); or
    (c) a motor transport undertzking 29 defined
    in clause (g) of section 2 of the Motor Transport \iorkers
    Act, 1961 (Central Act 27 of 1961) ;or
    (d) a beedi industrial premises as defined in clause
    (i) of section 2 of the Beedi and Cigar Workers (Condi-
    tions of Employment) Act,1966 (Central Act 32 of 1966) ;
    (e) an establishment as defined in clause (6) of
    section 2 of the Tamil Nadc Shops and Establishments
    Act, 1947 (Tamil Nadu Act XXXVI of 1947) ;or&
    $46- I.fidustrir71Establishments [I981 :~.k~dd-
    (Conferment of Permanent
    Status to Workmen)
    Cf) a catering establishrx~entas defined in clause
    (1) b; .-xtion 2 of the Tamil Nadu Catering Establish-
    rn~otsAct, 1958 (Tamil Nadu Act Xi11 of 1958) ;or
    (g) any other establishment which the Government
    msy,by notification, declare to be an industrial establish-
    ment for the purpose’of this Act ;

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