Alienation, Impartible Estate, Proprietor of an Impartible Estate, Cess for Use
of Water Supplied for Irrigation

An Aot to enable the Government to levy a separatei
cess for the use of water supplied for irrigation
purposes in certain cases.
WE~EAS,in several districts of the B[State of Preamble.
Tamil Nadu], large expenditure out of Government
funds has been, and is still being, incurred in the
oonstruction and improvement of works of irrigation
and drainage, to the great advantage of the country
and of proprietors and tenants of lend ; and whereas
it is right and proper that a fit return should, in
all osses ‘ alike, be made to Government on aocount
1 These words were nnbstituted for the wonl “Madrea ” by
the Temil Nedu’ Adsptation of Lawn Order, 1969, au medby
the Tamil NduAdaptation of 1.ewn (8eoond Bmendment) Order,
1989,whioh dameinto form on the 14th January 1969.
short title, “The M&88 Irrigation C-8 ht, 1886 “–a
tb Repding und -ding Aot, 1901 (CentralAot XIof 1901).
This A& wen extanded to the msrged State of Pudukkottei
Iby &ion a of, and the Fir& lgohedule to,the TallNadu Merged (Lew-n)A&, 1049 (TalNadu Aot XXxV of 1940).
also tho TdiNsdu Irrigation Corn (&dd%it) bat,
21900 flr)~~ilNedu Aat V of 1900) adthe Bbavaui Res4Noir
-ion A&. 10% (TailNdu Aot XM..of 1938).

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