Government, Owner, Tank

Act to empower the 3[State Government] to increase
the capacity and efficiency of irrigation tanks in tbe
4[State of Tamil Nadu].
n;t to empower the 3[State Govern-
capacity and efficiency of irrigation
Tamil Nadu] ; It is hereby enacted

  1. (1) This Act may be called the ‘[Tamil Nadu] Irri- Shorttitlev
    extent and
    ga tion Tanks (Improvement) Act ;1949.
    (2) It extends to the whole oftEe 6[State of lamil ment.
    (3) It shallcome into force at once.
    1T11ese words were substituted for the word Madras” by the
    Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969, as amended
    ion of Laws (Secoad Amendment) bluer,
    2 For Statcmenl:of Objects and Reasons, see Fort. St. George
    Gazette, Extraordinary, dated the 8thJune 1949, Part IV-A,page 236.
    This Act was extended to the merged State of Pudukkottai by
    section 3 of, and the First Schedule to, the TamilNadu Merged States
    (Laws) Act, 1949 (Tamil Nadu Act )LXXY of 1949).
    This Act was extcnded to the Kanyakumari district and the*
    Shencottahtaluk of the Tirunelvelidistrict by section28 of the Tamil
    Ndu(Transferred Territory) Ryotwari Settkaent Act, 1964 (Tamil
    Nadu Act 30 of 1964).
    a This expressior~was substituted for the expression “Provincial,
    Government ” by paragraph 3 (2) of the Tamil Nadu Adaptation
    of Laws Order, 1970.
    4 This expression was substituted for the expression ”Province
    of Madras “by paragraph 3 (2) of the Tamil Nadu Adaptation or
    bwsOrder, 1970.
    a This expression was substituted fpr the expression #’State of
    Madras fi by the Tamil Nadu Adaptatron of Laws Order, 1969, as
    amendedby the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of J4ayrs (Second Amend-
    ment) Order, 1969.


  • — —-
    “Ilr -3%
    t1941) :$. ‘k. xi&
    Iirtgatton’ ~anh5
    ionse – 2. Inthis Act, unless there isanything repugnant inthe ‘
    . subject or context:-
    (b) ”dovmnme~t”mea ns the l[StateJGovernment;
    (b) “ownel ” in relation to any land or property,
    includes any pmon having an interest in such land or
    property ;
    (c) “prescribad “. means prescribed by rules bde
    (d) “tank” merns an irrigation tank in the SIState
    und.&this Act ;
    of Tamil Nadu].
    +Powerto 3. (.I)’ Notwithstanding anything contained in any
    take mea- other law for the time bzing in force, the Govermient
    -. sures for shall have powx to raisp tlx full-tank level of any tank or
    .. the capa- to take any other [email protected] increasing its capacity or
  • of irrtna-.
    tion tank.
    : city or efficiency, wherever it m?y bz situnted and whether in a
    efs~i5ncyryotvvari, zamindari, inemdari or other arca.
    (2) The owne! of a tank not bzlonging tothe Govern-
    ment shall not be rzquired to bear any portion of the cost
    of carrying out any measure? ;.? rcsFest of the tank under
    sub-section (I).
    (3) Where in pursuance of sub-section (I), any
    measnrcs are carried out in respsct of a tank, the cost of
    carrying them out or such portion of the cost as the
    Goverm~~nt msy specify, may b~.recovered by the District
    Collector from tla owners ofthe 13nd s r nd other properties ,
    benefited by the work in such proportions, and in such
    manner, as may be pescribed.
    Suitsand 4. No Court shall entertain any suit cr application for
    appli~ationsthc issue of any injcnction to rcstrain thc exercise of any
    ‘wunc- mers conferred onthe Govtrnment by section 3.
    tions barred P,
  1. (1) Where in consequence of anything done in

sation. pursuance of section 3, the owoer of any lend or prop:rty

‘ Compen-
sustains loss or dm~age,he shall be cn~itlcdto such com-
pensation asthe District Collectar may by ordet determine:
Provided that wwhe the loss or demage w2s sustained
by reason of the diminution of the supply of water to my
1This word was substirutid for the word “Pro~tncial”by the
Adaptation Order of 1950.
2 This expi, -:onwas rubstituted for the expressi~n state f
Mad. ..s ”by the Tamil Hadu Adaptation of Laws Order, 1969,
as amended by the Tail Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second
kmcknent) Order, 1969..

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