Permanently Settled Estate, Alienated, Land Revenue Assessment

An Act to make better provision <or the
separate assessment of alienated portions
of permanently settled estates.
WHEREASit is desirable to make better provision lp,,Bmble.
for the separate assessment to lend-rovenuo of por6iona
of permanently-settled estates alienated by sale or
oQherwise; It is hereby enacted as follows :-
I. The alienor or alienee of any portion of a Applioationlor
permanently-settled estate, or the representative of mTmFbmd
ang such alienor or alienee, may apply to the 3[Colleo~
tor] of the district in which such portion is situate
for its registration in the name of the elienee end
for its separate assessment in respect of land-revenue.

  1. Tbe 8[Collector] shall thereupon hold rj,nzuFhF
    inquiry 8,s to who is the present owner of the property
    in respect of which the application is made.
    1Them worda were substituted for tlie word “Madraa” by
    the Tamil Ndu Adeptstion of Laws Order, 1969, as amended
    by the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Laws (Second Amendment)
    Order, 1969, whioh came into force on the 14th January 1969.
    Short title, “The Madras Land-revenue Assessment Aot, 1876” wm given by the Repealing and Amending Act, 1901 (Central Act XI of 1901). For Statement of Objects and reasons, see Fort St. aeorge Gazette
    Supplement, dated the 2nd March 1878, pago 12 ;for Report of fhe
    Select Committoe,see ibid,dated the lGth November 1876, pqp1 ;
    for Proaeedings in Council, sea ibid, dated tho 2nd March 18715,
    pege 4 aid,datedthe 22nd November 1876, page 1 and ibid, detsd
    the 8th Bebruary 1876,page 2.
    This Act took effect from the 1st September 1878.
    8 POPdewtion of “C~llectbor’ eee soctioll 2 of ram3 Nadu
    Act 11 of 1914.
    126-19-14210 Lad-revenue Assessment (1876 :T.N. Act
    FJduremto the purpo~~sof such inquw the l[Collector]
    ~nquiry. shall publish a notice in the %[District Gazette],
    in three successive issues, that the application has
    been made, and that, unless cause is shown to the
    contrary within sixty days from the date of notice,
    such separate assessment will be made.
    He shall also cause notice of the inquiry to be
    given to any alienor or alienee who has nob joined
    in the applioation.
    ~nwhat oaae 1$on such inquiry it appears that the alienation
    Wtryd has taken place and that all the parties to suoh
    pa= alienation concur in applying for the separate asseas-
    ahould be made. ment of the portion alienated, and if objection is
    not taken by my person interested in the estate,
    or being taker] is di~allowed>v the l[Collect:v], the
    l[Colleotor] shall proceed to register the alienated
    portion inthe name of thealienee,andtoapportion the
    assessment,of suoh alienated portion in the manner
    providedin seotion 46 of 8[TarnilNadu Aot] 11of 1864*.
    ‘[ *
    Awssed pert
    not leble for
    Pro ortion of 3. Upon suoh assessment being deolared there shall
    to be deduoted. be deduoted from the land-revenuepayablein respeot
    of suoh estate anamount equal to the sum assessed on
    tihe portion so separately assessed.
    revenue due by the estate of whioh it formed apart;
    nor shall suoh estate be liable in reapeot of theportion
    estate, nor
    catate for
    errears due by
  2. Upon suoh assessment being made, the portion so
    arrears due by assessed shall no longer be liable in respect of arrears of
    part esseeeed. 80 wmsed.
    1 For definition of “Colleotor”, see seotion 2 of Tamil Nedu
    Act II of 1914.
    a These worda were substituted with effeot from the let April
    1937 by motion 3 (1)of, end the Seoond Sohedulefo, the Temil
    Nadu Repealing end +ending Act, 1961 (Tamil NaduAot XN
    of 1961). for the words Offio~elGazette “ss substituted for the
    words “load Gezette “by the Adaptation Order of 1937.
    a Tbisexpression was substituted for the expression ‘Wedree
    Aot” by the Tamil Nadu Adaptation of Lews Order, 1970,whioh
    wea deemed tohave oome into form on the 14thJanuary 1969.
    4 The words end 5$”e~”subject to the sanction loid down in
    motion 46 of that Aot ‘wererepealedbytheTamilNadu Deoentreli*
    sation Act, 1914(TamilNadu Aot VIIIof 1914).
  • The TdNedu Revenue Reoovery Act, 1884.

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