Abolition Act, Inam, Inamdar, Inam Land, Inam Estates Abolition Act, Minor
Inam, Transferred Territory

lnam Estates Abolition Act, sections 2 and 12
of ifie’ Madras City Land Revenue Act, 1851 (Central
AC~ XII of 1 SSl), the Pudukkottai (Settlement -of Inams)
Act, 1955 (I[ Tamil Nadu] Act XXLll of 1955), 2[ section
22 of the ‘[Tamil Nadu] (Transferred Territory) Incorporated and Unincorporated Devaswoms Act, 1959 (l[TamiI
Nadu]Act 30 of 1959), clause (i) of section 3 of the 1LTamil
Nndu] (Transferred Territory) Ryotwari Settlelnent Act,
1964, the Service lnarns Proclamation, dated the 13th
May 1893, add all other enactments applicable to minor
inamsJ as such shall be deemed to have been repealed in
their application to 111ii30r illams ;
(bJ every minor innm including all co~nmunal Ian.!.
and posarnbokes, waste lands, pasture lands, forests,
]nines and ~nicerals ,quarries, r.vers and streams, 3[tanks
and ooranies (iucluding private tanks and ooranies)
and irrigr+,tion ~orks], fisheries and fcrries, situated within
the boundasie; :klel-nnf ~i~all stand transferred to thc.
Goveriiinent and vest in tl~e~n free of all encumbrances,
arid ‘the’ Madras City Tdand P.evcnuc Act, 1851 (Central
cZ’ct ‘X 1 of 1851) except ssctior~s 2 and 12, the Madras
City L.and Revenue (An1enc1me1:t) Act, 1867 (Madras
V1 of 1867), the ~[Tamil Nadu] Revenue Recovery
Act; 186’4 (l[‘ramnil Nadu] Act1 1 oi’ i 8631, the l[Tainil Nndu]
lrrigatisr~ Cess Act, 1865 (I[Tamil Naduf Act V11 of 1865);
“the l[Tamil Nadu] (Transferred Territory) Ryotwari
Settlement Act, 1964. and zll other enactment. applicable
to ryotcvari lands] sl~all apply to the minor inan1 ;
I (c) all rights and interests created by the iiiamdar
., , in or. over his ina~n before the appointed day, shall, as against the Government, cease and determine.

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