Approved Scheme, Draft Scheme, Motor Vehicles Act

AIZ-1cf fr mnbe ctirlrriia specia2; provisions in respect of pernzits for stage
cclrrin(,c.s ~rnd!rlile illofor 17ehicles Act, 1988 and in relation to the
schentes and Jozctes notified un&e4. Chapter VI of thaJ Act and to provide
for ttzudters connected therewith.
El3 it enacted’hy the Legislative Assembly of the State of Tamil Nadu in the
Fort)–third Year of the liepublic of India as follows :-
J cmmencemeat
1 (1) Thiq Act may be called the Tamil Nadu Motor Vehicles (~pec’ialShort title, exten%
and applica-
IJ1,o.i~ionsj Act, 3992.
(2) It extenda to the whole of the State of Tamil Nadu.
(3) The provisions of this Act (except sections 6 and 7) shdlbe dee5-fied
to have come into force on the 4th June 1976 and remain in force upto and
inclusive of the 30th June 1990 and section 6 shall be deemd to have come i:ito
force on the 1st July 1990 :
Proviclecl that the provisions of this Act so far as +hey relate to sectim
G, shall be deemed to have continued in force on and from the 1st July 1990.
(4) It shall apply only in relaition to draft schemes, approved schewes
and notified routes.

  1. Tn this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,-
    ((1) “appl-OVC~scheme ” means a scheme approved under section 100
    of thc ISotor Vehicles Act :
    (b) ” dril ft whemc ” nleansl ai ghcnie published under section 99 ,of a;+$,*”.
    the Motor Vehicles Act ;
    f 157 7
    (c) ” Motor T-ccI~sAet ” means the Motor fihicles net, 1985 ; (d) the esp~.~ssion” notified ronte ” shrill i.11~ fi.inmc nleaning ns in ~ection100 of the Motor Vehicles Act ; liroub IV-2 EX[4691–1158 . . ,- TAMIL NADU GOVERNMENT GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY —. b- F , (e) wol’tls ~lr~tlc~xprossionsusud I~crcinant1 no1 tlcfinotl l)lit clciinc(1 in the Motor Vcliiclcs Act shall have the nlctlnings rcspcctivcly uss~gncclto them in that 11 ct. 3 (I) Piotwitllstnnding anything contqined in a 1 1 01 Grant of &rfnjt under certain hmstances’ ;In approved scheme,, the 12eglma1 ‘I’ransport Authority may, on :Ln applicntion made in accorclance with the ;ules made in this hehall’, grant ;L pcrmit or renew a permit to a anall operator to ply his stage carriage on the1 enti1.r ~OU~Ccovercd by the draft slchclne or the approved schcme or on such p@it!On of the route covered by thc draft wheme or approved scheme as ma!: 1)c s~eri- fied and for such period and subject to such terms and conditions which may be in respect of matters specified in sub-section (2) of section 72 of the Motor -elljplcs Act or in re5pcct of ails otlicr 1lli~ti.c~as ~t tliinlrs fit. ~.’cplnnalint~.–Forthe purposes of this sul,-sccbion and sec.tion 6 .’small operator ” nleans any stage carriage operator holding on the date of the commencement of this Act or oil any date subsequent to such date of commencement, five or les~stage carriage permits notwithstanding that all or any stagc carriage permlts hakl expired after ch date of commencement :
    Provided that in compudng the nulllber of stage carri,age permits for
    tile purposes of this sub-section-
    (i) the number of permits in rospect of reserve vehicles kept by the
    STag’e carnage operator to mainta’in thc service ;or
    (ii) the number of temporary permis granted under clause (a).
    cisuse (b),or clause (c) uf sub-seetion (1) of section 87 of the Motor Vehicles
    AGt ,
    (2) Notwithstanding apything contained in a &;aft scheme or an
    wproved schcme, the Regional Tramport Authority may, on an applicat,ion
    ~adein accordance with the rules made in this behalf vary the conditiorls of
    a permit for a stage carriage so as to enable the applicant to opcratc on the
    elltire route or any portion of the route covered by such draft scheme or mi
    apppoved sxhenie.
    to be
    (3) For thc period during which thc permit referred to under ~~1)-
    section (1) or sub-seetion (2) is in forcc, the draft schemc or the approved
    schenie~relating to the entire route or portion of the route refcrrcd to in tl~c
    said sub-sections shall 1)c deemed to have becn modified to the extent ~pecific~ci
    in the said sub-sections.
    Existing perniit.9 (4) Notwithstanding anything contained in Chapter Vl incluclirrr:

Act to

section 98 of the RIotor Trehiclcr Act, the provisions of Chapter TT of that +;cat
and !he rules made thereunder shall, so far as may be, apply in relation to the
g~ant,renewa,l or variatior~of permit under this section as they apply in
rchtion to the grant, renewal or variation of permit uncler th2 said Chapter 77.

  1. r\’ot~vithstandinganything contained in a draft scheme or an approved
    scheme or in section 3, all pellnits and temporary permits granted, .rencwi.d
    or varied under the Motor Tiehicles Act or under the sflid gection 3
    authorising the use of &age carriages on the entire route or any portion ot’
    the route covered by such draft scheme or an approved scheme, shall he valid
    for the period for which such permits were g-ranted, renewed or va’yied.

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