Permit, Stage Carriages, Variation of Condition

WHEREAS in G.O. Ms. No. 1935, Homo(Transport-III) Department, dated
the 29th day of Decembsr 1995, an ~x~lanatiodto fule 4 of the TamilNada Motor
Vehicles (Special Provisions) Rulrs, 1995, has been added and published in the
Tllmil Nadi~ Governnzent G.lzette, dated the 24th Janury 1996 ;
AND WHEREAS in €3.0.Ms. No. 26, Home (Transport-111) Department,
dated the 6th January 1996, the first proviso to sub-rule (4) of rule 4 of the Tamil
Nadu Notor Vehicles (Special Provisions) Rules, 1995 has been substituted and
DuFlished in the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette, dated the 31st January 1996 ;
AND WHEREAS by virtue of the said Explanation and proviso the Regional
Transport kLithpr~tieshave varied certain oonditions of permit of stage carriages
under sub-section(2) of section 6 of the Tamil Nadu Motor Vehicles (Special
provisions) Act, 1992;
AND WHEREAS s~?.chvariations of the condiiions of permit of stage
carriageshave resulted in u.ndue hardships and sufferingsto the travelling public ;
AND WHERSXS it is ;C .IS:??-:A nacessa.ry to remove suoh undue hardship
and suffering to tho travelling public; C
AND WHEREAS it is considctad neocssary in the pllblic Intr~ostto cancel
such variations of conditions of permit of stage c~rriagesand to restore the
conditions of permits, as they stood before the variati~ns;
BEit enacted by the Legislative Asse~nblyof the State c f T:ui~i1 Nadu I 11 thc
Forty-seventh Yeax of the Republic of lndia as follows :-

  1. This Act may be ca!led the Tamil Nadu Motor Vatiolas (Special Provisions)
    (Cancellation of Variations of aonditions of Permil) Act, 1996.
    Sbort titla.
    D&dtia 2. Words and expressionsused herein shall bava the same meanings rsspaciively
    assigaed to thorn in tha Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and the ‘famil Ni3dt1 Motor
    Vehioles (Special Provisions) Aot, 1992.
    Gaoodlation ot 3. Notwithstanding anything oontained in the Tamil Nadu Motor Vohiclas Tamil N
    aeatais varia (Special Provisions) Aot, 1992 or in any other law for the tiine baing in force or in 41 of 1
    tions of any judgement. decree om order of.Court, tribunal or other authoritv, any condi-
    codditions of tion of parmit ot stageaarriage of a small operator varied’ by the Rogiollal Transport
    permit. Authority during ths period wmmendng on the 24th day of January 1996 and
    ending with the 24th day of May 19%, based on the Explanarion (as it stood prior
    to the 25th May 1996)topale4 of the Tamil Nadu Motor Vehicles(Speoial Provisions)
    Rules, 1995, made under the plrovisionsof the Tamil Nadu Motor Vehioles (Speoial Tamil
    Provisions) Act, 1992, shall stand oanoelled and suoh parr,lit as it stood peior 41 o
    to the 24th day of January 1996, shall have effeot as if nc such variation has been
    Restoration or 4. N~iwithsrandinganything contained in section 3, the Regional Transport
    variation. Authority may, on an applioation, it, in any exceptional case, he is of the opinion
    that any vaniation of the oonditions of permit of a stage carriage which stands
    oatlcelled under seotion 3, did not result in undue :hardship or suffering to the
    travelling yblic, he may restore such variation and such variation shall be Tamil
    denwedto be a variation made under sub-section (2) of seotion 6 of the Tamil Nadu ;a 41
    Motor Vehioles (Speaial Provisions) Aat, 1992.

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