Official Language, Tamil

An Act40 provide for the adoption of Tamil as the language to be used for the official purposes of the 3[State of Tamil Nadu] . ,’ r – WHEREAS the Constitution enables the Legislature of a . .- State by law to adapt any one r more of the langq ges in use in the State as the langwge to be used for all or :inv of the cmcial purposes { If he Stil.te. and to ‘ prescribe any language other than he English language f r use in Bills, Acts, Ordinanc:~, Orders, rd:s, regu- lations and bye- laws ; Be it enacte:! in he Seventh Year of the ~e~ublic of India .as follows:- . . Short titld “1. (1) This Act may b called thel[Tamil Nadli] Official -, and extent* hanguage Act, 1956. (2) It extends to the whole of the a [State.of 4. The State Govsrrlmert may. by notification i’ssued Govtn~,. ment ‘s from time to time, direct that Tamil shall bef usd in power to respect of such official purposes as may br specified in the potify the oBcial 9 notification. , ‘ pi3rposes . I. * for which t Tamil to i be used. ! , . i i – ?&4- A. Notwithstanding anything contained in $ections’~ecl*ion* 2, 3 and 4 of this Act or in the.Code of Civil Procedure of . .I ‘ language of ‘ – 1908-(Central Act V of 1908) or in the Code of Criminal c6!urts foi Procedure, * 197 3 (Central Act 2 of 1974), Tamil shall’ be r=’r;dgg &. the language of all- denca iri dl- $ prOcut!aibgs. I (i) .oiviI. and criminal courts subordinate to the I. ,* HGG C~ourt ;;. tribunals ; and . . .. ‘ . (iii) rent courts and retrenuet courts, I , .* ,” for: the,’*puipos8 of. recording evideae in all proceedings. ‘ I . ; ‘ fibvidedt thit the Presidini officer of1 any such, co&t , or .tiibunal may, in recording evidence in Tamil, employ English words. and phrases, wherever he feels necessary,, to bring out,-the exact purport and.mekning : , . . , . Provided, further that the High Court may, by: general ‘ or spechl’ order, parmit- . . ,(i) any.class of Presiding* Officers of civil or criminal . 1 e courts, or tribunals,

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